DJ Cuppy reveals the age she would like to retire

    DJ Cuppy has revealed the age she would like to retire and where she would retire to.

    DJ Cuppy reveals the age she would like to retire
    DJ Cuppy reveals the age she would like to retire

    DJ Cuppy in a recent tweet has said that she intends to retire at the age of 35, which is why she’s working so hard despite the fact that she could live comfortably on her father’s fortune.

    The Disc Jockey is without a doubt one of the most industrious female celebrities we have, and despite the fact that her father has money and connections that occasionally assist her, she has chosen to build her own empire, which is why she works so hard.

    She’s doing well as an artist and a DJ, as we all know, and recently debuted a new collection of hers, a Jewellery brand called “Cuppy Cuts.

    She is also currently doing her master’s at Oxford University making her one of the few Nigerian celebrities to be admitted to a prestigious school.

    Combined with this, she still DJs around exclusive locations and has also appeared on various magazine covers.

    The “Original Copy” crooner claims that she is doing all of this and working so hard that most people don’t understand why she is doing it.

    She claims that she could have sat back and enjoyed her father’s fortune because she is a lady, but she wants to be self-sufficient and retire as early as the age of 35.

    According to her, when she retires at the age of 35, she plans to live on Abalumo Farm with her two dogs/songs, Dudu and Funfun, and that she may be the youngest woman to retire.

    In her words;

    “The MAIN reason I work REALLY hard is so that I can retire at 35 years old and live on abalumo farm with Dúdú and FünFün!”

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