Did Rema achieved a greater breakthrough than Fireboy DML? READ!

Based on their debut, Did Rema achieve greater breakthrough than DML?

When the smash hit Dumebi debuted hot and heavy across the and received extensive airplay across audio and visual media outlets, the times were truly lovely, so it brings us to who achieved greater breakthrough, Rema or DML

It dominated charts at the time and was the current trend.

This came as no surprise because it sounded different from the music that was being presented in the at the time.

Did Rema achieved a greater breakthrough than Fireboy DML? READ!
Did Rema achieved greater breakthrough than DML? READ!

The song was included in his “Rema EP,” 4-track debut EP that was released in 2019.

The EP was well received by critics and completely blew away music fans.

Dumebi was the best of the best because it delighted everyone.

This was the song that initially drew attention to this newcomer both locally and internationally.

Rema, the newbie, has within six months of the initial EP’s publication, following the success of the self-titled EP by releasing two additional EPs.

The “Bad Commando EP” and the “Rema Freestyles EP.” The ventures that came after were moderately popular but did not quite match the impact of the debut EP since they did not get widespread support.

The “Rema EP” revived the waning Extended Play trend at the time, which had cultural impact on the music business.

The EP’s significant effects changed and reset how artists and listeners alike saw EPs in the Nigerian music business.

After prosperous year, he continued in similar fashion the next year, releasing singles that later became classics including Beamer Boys, Lady, Woman, and Ginger Me.

Additionally, he produced “Rema’s Compilation,” a compilation album. Even though the compilation largely comprised songs that the general public was previously familiar with, fans nevertheless enjoyed it.

The project has amassed over 100M+ plays on Spotify, Apple Music, and Audiomack, proving that his followers weren’t put off by this.

This demonstrates the affection his followers have for him, which is not unexpected given the skill he was born with.

Following that time, he temporarily ceased making music but continued to appear on features, shining in particular on the Afro-Swing anthem Dimension, owned by JAE5 and featuring Skepta.

As a result, he went on to appear on Justin Skye’s Twisted Fantasy and other collaborations, further increasing his notoriety.

His track Bounce also debuted early last year and topped the charts for a considerable amount of time.

Rema declared the creation of the “Afro-rave” genre in May 2021. His admirers enthusiastically embraced the name as it gained popularity online, but some people thought it was unneeded and rejected it.

Despite this, he released Soundgasm in June as his “first Afro-rave track.” With the release of this song, Rema and his Ravers fanbase entered a new era.

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