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Davido’s “Blow my mind” is the most popular song in the world.

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The new single that’s on everyone’s lips is what we can call Blow my mind“, despite the criticism that followed after the release of the song.

Davido’s "Blow my mind" is the most popular song in the world.It’s not even a week that the single was released but the acceptance has been massive from every platform. Both and  perfected the song and it did carry along with their fans with their efforts.

The Official Video to the new single was released some hours ago and it has raked in over 1million views already, isn’t that awesome for a new single?

Apple’s Siri even confirmed that Blow My Mind by Davido featuring Chris Brown is the most popular song in the world at the moment.

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Twitter users even took to twitter to share thoughts while using Siri. Just in case you don’t know, Siri is Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant and it has been in existence for years.

We say a big thank you to Siri for recognizing the new effort from Davido and Chris Brown.

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