Davido shares how he skipped school for one year because of music

    Davido shared how he skipped school for a year because of music.

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    Davido was on Instagram live with Ubi Franklin where he shared how he got into music. Ubi asked Davido why he went into music despite the fact that his father was rich.

    Davido replied that when he got into music it wasn’t to be rich or famous, it was just because he loved music. He said his father was a disciplinarian and he didn’t know his father was that wealthy in the first place.

    Davido also talked about how he was on the run for three months because his father had found out that he skipped a year from school doing music.

    According to him, he fell in love with music when he was in his second year in the university and so used the money his father sent him to buy recording equipment.

    He said he came back to Nigeria at some point and was rolling with the then Mo Hit crew, seeing as they were making money from music, he was inspired to do the same.

    Watch his interview below;

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