Davido laments the costs of doing detty December

    • Davido laments about the expenses he incurred doing detty December

    • Davido is ashamed about his Detty December choices.

    • Davido Is Regretting His ‘Detty December’ Expenses

    Nigerian Singer, Davido seems to be remorseful about his Detty December choices after he saw how much he spent during the festivities period.

    Davido laments the costs of doing detty December
    Davido laments the costs of doing detty December

    After his accountant showed him the December statement of account, he took to Instagram to vent his frustrations.

    According to Davido, he spent millions in December on everything from birthday parties to donations to buying a sports car to private excursions and even a Babymacation (special thanks to Sophia and Amanda).

    OBO revealed that he couldn’t believe his December was so costly. He also stated that he will work really hard this year to make up for all of the money he lost in 2021.

    In his words;

    “Just did some accounting, yea, that was a very fucking expensive December Jesus!!! Nah mahn we need to up the score” 

    Davido had engaged in several money-consuming ventures towards the end of the 2021.

    During his birthday in November, he established a N250m orphanage fund – N50m of his personal donations and N200m from cash gifts he received from fans and colleagues.

    In December, the singer bought himself an early Christmas gift of a new Lamborghini Aventador worth over $400,000.

    Just last week, the singer threw a star-studded party to make the opening of his second house on Banana Island, Lagos.

    In other news, Mp3bullet.ng reported that Olusegun Ojuola, Davido’s former Head of Department at Babcock University, stated that the musician paid the fees of several underprivileged students at the university.

    He revealed the news during an interview in which he also shared some of Davido’s fondest moments prior to his graduation in 2015.

    Ojuola described the DMW boss as a “unique student” who was liked not just for his popularity but also for his personality.

    The lecturer revealed that the ‘FEM’ crooner also had his own struggles in school.

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