From the video which was posted on Instagram, we could see both girls handcuffed and sitting on a chair in a living room. Spesh could be heard telling one of the ladies to lift up her head or get a slap in the face.

He also told them they were in trouble for defamation of character.

Davido also posted a smiley in the comment section, laughing over the treatment meted out to the women.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer; Bala Elkana said it was wrong of Davido and his team to take the law into their own hands.

Elkana said the right thing to do was to and hand over to the police immediately, that no citizen had the right to parade another citizen.

His exact words were;

“Even if someone defamed your character, you are to hand over the person to the police immediately but to parade them is wrong.

The person being paraded has the right to sue. Private citizens have no right to parade another person.

“Not all policemen even have the power to parade suspects.

“You cannot be a judge in your own case. If he feels aggrieved, he should lodge a complaint and not go to effect an arrest.

He cannot conclude the guilt of another person. There must be an investigation and only a court can pronounce them guilty.”