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Davido blasts haters: got problem with me? “Suck my dk”!

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Lately, some music critics have been going hard on  on the type of songs he does whether dope or not, they will still talk about it, maybe because he’s the talk of the industry, some even go extreme tagging him “Frog voice”

Just after released her album and Davido wasn’t featured on it, everyone was like why’s he not on this album, does it mean he’s not good enough, blah! blah!!! blah!!! but Davido pulled a Jay-z stunt on the music industry, dished out a collaboration with .

Davido blasts haters - got problem with me Suck my d**k

While the buzz and the attention on his new single “Blow My Mind” is still massive, he has seized the opportunity to slam his haters who don’t show love other than criticizing him.

The Nigerian singer has to get used to the hates in the industry. In the new clip he shared on Instagram, he said:-

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“Guys I want to thank all my brothers and sisters my fans, the people that supported me, the single, Chris and of course Chris… I’m already used to it.

I have been in this industry for seven years and nobody supports me, its just hate, from morning to night its just hate, because of what? My papa get money, na my fault? I work hard, I deliver hits, I take care of my people.

You got a problem with me? Suck my d**k! F**k you! We rise by lifting others,”

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