Davido: 5 Old School Songs We All Love

    Davido blew up in the era when the music industry was undergoing a lot of changes. The era that ushered in a new type of pop music, and a whole new way of discovering music. The Soundcloud Era.

    Davido: 5 Old School Songs We All Love But Davido was a rich kid, that just wants to do music. Probably just for fun, or to show his pals that he’s got game. Almost signed on by D’banj, Lee backed off when David’s parents said they wanted him to go to school. Maybe he loved to do music, but the son of a business mogul, there are a million opportunities for him elsewhere.

    Then came the hits. “Back When” with Naeto C was his first shot and it put him in the spotlight. It really made people wonder if this guy really had the potential to last in the industry. “Dami Duro” however, changed the whole thing. He had a number one hit, in no time, and his OBO brand was born after that. It was also the beginning of his long streak with Shizzi.

    Almost a decade after, though. A lot has changed. The kid then, is a man now. One classic album, several big hits, even international collaborations with big artists all over the world. Davido is now a household name. But back in the days, we just loved David’s music because they were cool.

    What other time than now that he’s on vacation, to reflect on his old songs? Here are five back-in-the-day hits from the OBO that I bet y’all loved (and still love).


    Davido may never have a love song that’s as real as this. Maybe “Assurance” was real, too. But it’s not every day OBO sings to his love interest in old Yoruba sayings. These days, you don’t even get to hear him sing in Yoruba. Not bad, he ain’t no Olamide.

    Perhaps that’s why the hit “Ekuro” is special to many people. If you knew it then, you definitely can’t forget the lyrics, no matter how many years it’s been. It’s a jam, really. Even if it didn’t get big (it did), it would still be a favorite to anyone who feels the vibe.

    These days, good music is scarce, or maybe our definition of good music has just changed. Even with that, Ekuro is good music.


    Oh, yeah. Lil Kesh didn’t just feature Davido for the remix of his Shoki banger. No, there was a reason.

    Davido didn’t look like quite the guy that could turn up the streets, but now we know better. “Skelewu” was one of the songs that kicked off the dance music trend. I’m talking about, before Ile Ijo or Ibadi.

    “Skelewu” which is more like a off-style for Davido, became a top street banger. But maybe because it’s been long or something, the nostalgia it brings when you play it now is just unprecedented (whatever that means.)


    Rumours have it that “Aye”  one of Davido’s biggest songs ever, was actually written by another singer, Runtown. It is said that Runtown traded it for David’s guest verse on “Gallardo.”

    Aye has a very low tempo, and sensitive lyrics. Catchy, also. Every kid could sing it word-for-word. You don’t hate a vibe like that.


    Davido just sings most of the time. Just like many other people, he just flows on a beat having fun. He’s not really a good songwriter.

    But “Gobe”  isn’t just a vibe. It’s got lyrics, and also a dope storyline we all can relate to. It’s a vibe, and it was a hit, back then. Don’t lie, you love it.

    All Of You

    “I’m badder than, all of you, all of you,” Davido wasn’t singing about a girl, maybe for the first time after Dami Duro. He asked for some respect, saying he’s the best. He was. Still is.

    What even made it more critically acclaimed was he shouting out some of the greats. D’banj, 2baba, Psquare and others. But above all, he is badder.

    And today he is one of the greatest. It doesn’t happen all the time, fam.

    1. Ekuro

    2. Skelewu

    3. Aye

    4. Gobe

    5. All of You

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