Dagrin: The Never Fading Street King!

    Even though the rap legend left us a little too quickly, he remains unforgettable!

    Dagrin The Never Fading Street King!

    It’s been 9 years! since this street king went six feet under, but it seems like it never happened at all,

    Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekuna popularly known as Dagrin was an extraordinarily talented rapper.

    He was born in Ogun state om the 25th of October 1984 and died on the 22nd of April 2010, in mushinLagos.

    The rapper is considered the main pioneer of the “Yoruba new school rap”, a genre of music that is now heavily practiced by several artists.

    His style of rapping incorporated Yoruba, English and Pidgin English. His prolific rap lyrics won the hearts of everyone as he carved a niche for himself

    Dagrin was not just a rapper, he was a skillful and creative; Songwriter, singer, actor, and a role model to many youths even up till date.

    During his stay in the music industry, Dagrin experienced a very successful and explosive music career, which was unfortunately cut short by his untimely demise.

    His debut album “Still on the Matter” dropped in 2006 but wasn’t a massive success due to a lack of adequate promotion. The album was made of songs like; ‘Raprules anthem’ and ‘Come back home (Kowale)’

    Dagrin, however, attained the full attention of the streets when He dropped his second album titled C.E.O

    C.E.O According to Dagrin means “Chief executive Omota”, which means “Chief executive gangster” in English. This album entailed several hits like the well known “Pon pon pon”, and “kondo”

    In ” Pon Pon’ Pon”, Dagrin officially street chiefdom, pushing on the fact that he had attained maximum street credibility. The song was a smash hit the minute it drops and has a melody that makes it impossible to fade.

    Another thrilling song from the C.E.O album is “Ghetto Dreamz“. The song is a deep contemplation of strife and the bad situations in the ghetto. it’s so much wonder how a mere freestyle carried so much of a weighty message.

    Dagrin was also very good at making use of intriguing punchlines in most of his songs. Perhaps this is one of the answers as to why most of these songs were hits.

    in 2010, he was nominated for “Best album of the year“at the Nigerian Entertainment awards for his mega album; C.E.O.

    He was also nominated for Best rap act and best collaboration with vocals.

    That same year, he won the “Best rap act” at the Hip Hop world awards.

    Dagrin also worked with several artists like; Sossick, D.J Spaclare, D.J Neptune, M.I, 9ice, Reminisce, Konga, Omawumi, Ruggedman, Kode, Oritse Femi, Kenny St. Brown, Sheyman, Dr. Frabz, Frenzy, and so on.

    Dagrin also made use of his musical prowess to influence politics positively with his song titled “Democracy”.

    His song “Thank God” in which he collaborated with Omawumi still remains one of the best and relevant songs in the music industry.

    Many people, however, think there is a mystery after his tragic death caused by a ghastly accident in Lagos.

    The accident took place a few days after he recorded his hit single; “If I die”

    After his death, a movie was shot in 2011 titled “Ghetto Dreamz” in memory of the street champion. The movie portrayed his early life, music career, successes, and death.

    Although new streets artists have risen up to the limelight today, no one can be compared to late “Chief Omota”

    Dagrin may not be here today, but he has left a legacy and has added light to our lives through his music.

    Years and years continue to go by, and yet he remains “Undieable” if there’s any word like that

    Rest on Dagrin; The unfading king of the streets!!!

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