Cynthia Morgan clarifies issues surrounding her contract with Jude Okoye

    Cynthia Morgan had another interview to clarify issues surrounding her contract with Jude Okoye after her Ex-Manager released the contract online.

    Jude Okoye and Cynthia Morgan

    The “German Juice” singer had a second interview with Former Globe, Cassandra who happens to be the same person who conducted her first interview.

    Cassandra talked with her on the content of her contract which was recently published online by her former manager, Joy.

    Cynthia claimed that she never said Jude Okoye took her Instagram account as she personally deleted the account since she was locked out of her Vevo account.

    She said she is meant to sue Jude for ruining her account and that if he said she owes him then it means he didn’t do his job well as she was a big brand.

    She also claimed that Jude and her Ex-Manager, Joy turned down gigs just because the show organizers did not offer the required amount even with the fact that she was broke and hungry.

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