#COVID19: Social Distancing cannot really work in Nigeria- Seun Kuti

    Seun Kuti has lent his voice to the issue of social distancing, he said the technique can’t really work in Nigeria.

    Seun Kuti

    Seun Kuti took to Instagram to talk about how Social distancing and self-isolation isn’t the solution we need in Nigeria and in Africa.

    According to the saxophonist, Social distancing is a Europe-centric solution for Europeans because of their system and way of living can handle it.

    He added by saying,

    Europeans don’t live in communities that have water, they don’t live in face me I face you houses, they don’t live in slums.

    He also said that Nigerians have the right to demand better infrastructure because Government officials live in the best houses, travel abroad, have access to good healthcare, send their children to good schools, so why shouldn’t it be the same for Nigerians.

    According to him, enforcing social distancing and a lockdown in Nigeria might not be good for us if there is no alternative to ease the financial burden of the working class. Stating that by enforcing this, the Government is asking poor Nigerians to choose either death by COVID19 or death by hunger.

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