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#COVID19: Celebrities are paid to say they have coronavirus- Cardi B

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American female rapper, alleges that celebrities are being paid to say they have Coronavirus.

In an Instagram live video, she had recently, Cardi B shared her thoughts on Coronavirus and the ‘Money’ singer was pissed about the whole issue.

She complained of the fact that she doesn’t know what to believe anymore as there is so much information on Coronavirus.

She also talked about the fact that celebrities are coming out to say they have Coronavirus like they are doing an advert. Adding that most of them say they test positive for the virus without seeing symptoms and this confuses her.

“I’m starting to feel like y’all ni**as is paying ni**as to say that they got it,” Cardi B added.

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Celebrities who have tested positive for the virus include , his wife Sabrina Dhowre, Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson and Brooklyn Nets star, Kevin Durant.

The mother of one also added that if celebrities are being paid to say they have Coronavirus, she also would love to get paid as she is looking to get paid.

In the video, Cardi B also said she wants the situation to end as she intends on getting liposuction and told her fans that she loves getting plastic surgery.

She also said she misses her husband but she needs to finish up the music she was recording.

Watch her video below;

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