Court Grants R.Kelly $1,000,000 Bail, He Can’t Afford It

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Court Grants R.Kelly $1m Bail, He Can't Afford It

$1,000,000  Bail

Following series of charges leveled against singer, R. Kelly, the court has granted him bail.

The presiding judge, granted him $1,000,000 bond. He described the charges as ‘disturbing’.

The singer had returned to the Police on Friday after an arrest warrant was issued.

The judge also ordered R. Kelly to surrender his passport and to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.

The ‘Born to My Music‘ singer is facing a 10 count charge of felony criminal and sexual abuse and may have to be jailed for 70 years if guilty. Even his ex-wife is suing him for abuse.

Although only $100,000 needs to be paid in order for Kelly to be released from custody ahead of his trial. But he cannot afford it.

There are also reports that R.Kelly’s female fans are trying to pay his $1,000,000 bond.


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