Coronavirus: Seun Kuti slams world leaders over unpreparedness

    Seun Kuti, son of the legendary musician, Fela Kuti took to his social media to slam World leaders over their lack of preparation.

    Seun Kuti

    Seun Kuti who is very vocal about corruption and bad Governance, a trait he inherited from his father said that Coronavirus has made him realize that the so-called developed nations have invested more in the destruction of Earth and humans lives than in the nourishing and preservation of lives.

    He wrote that all the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on defense have actually been spent on destroying the other, not protecting humanity or the planet and that It was obvious that the world is unprepared to defend itself from a real enemy. He also said,

    It is clear that all you can do as DEFENCE is to blow up black and brown people and destroy the environment. #getthesax. By the way, hunger is killing thousands every day, where is the hysteria on that!! Listen if u are African take care but also you know death is close by, no be corona kill them for Amuwo Odofin ooo!!


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