“Consistency owns the game” – Akinsanya Seun shares candid advice

    The price of every fame bears children with numerous features; patience, hard work, determination, vision, and more importantly, consistency – Seun Akinsanya shares candid advice.

    "Consistency owns the game" - Akinsanya Seun shares candid advice
    “Consistency owns the game” – Akinsanya Seun shares candid advice

    ‘Consistency owns the game’ media personality, Akinsanya Seun has shared his ‘2 cents’ on the price to stardom for Nigerian artistes.

    Consistency is like a land you build anything on; it serves as the befitting immobile natural characteristics which all other factors depend on.

    In the business called music, many factors have become a necessity to attain the a-list, more importantly as a Nigerian artiste.

    While some have attained their dream status of fame and wealth in the music industry, some are on the verge of pulling through, others have given up.

    as a whole has produced renowned musicians the world would always remember, and Nigeria has one of the largest numbers of musicians in the continent, competing alongside South and other top countries has spearheaded this achievement.

    The glory of our music pioneers like Fela Anikulapokuti, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, and many more have been a great force of courage to many upcoming artistes want to hit stardom and many top-tier list artistes have attained fame.

    The likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido have all pulled through into the international market, walking in the footsteps of these said legends. The exemplary focus on getting what one wants despite one’ limitations speaks volumes of the tenacity of consistency.

    Although, the land that flows with ‘milk and honey’ will the center focus for bees and bears, i.e the prey and predators. Seun Akinsaya advices fast-risings to understand that is achievable in such land but all things must in place with the backbone of ‘consistency’.

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