Classic Nigerian Songs that turned 15 years in 2021

    The Nigerian Music Industry has come a long way- for this throwback edition, we put together a list of Classic Nigerian Songs that were released in 2006 and turns 15 years in 2021.

    Classic Nigerian Songs that turned 15 years in 2021
    Classic Nigerian Songs that turned 15 years in 2021

    2006 was a defining moment in Nigerian music history. The sound of Nigerian music was becoming established by this time. In comparison to previous years, when international music dominated the airwaves, Nigerian songs began to receive more airplay on local radio.

    Music quality improved significantly as artists gained access to better-recording equipment and studios

    The establishment of the American Entertainment Station, MTV Base Africa in the previous year also prompted the need for Nigerian acts to use music videos as promotional tools.

    As MTV was available in most of Africa, the modern Nigerian pop scene began to receive international attention for the first time. These videos then spread across the continent, ushering in the Nigerian music scene as the dominant force in Africa that it is today!

    This year also marked the dominance of two major record labels – Storm records and ’hits on the scene. The success of these labels created a record label boom within the industry in the subsequent years

    Here are Classic Nigerian Songs that were released in 2006 and turns 15 years in 2021;

    Faze- Kolemental

    Faze- Kolomental

    Kolomental was the lead single from Faze’s sophomore album, Independent, which was released in 2006 and went on to become one of the year’s biggest Nigerian songs in 2007.

    The banging track had a special frenzy to it, as the song title already suggests. It sparked a particular craze, fueled by the song’s musical instrumentation as well as Faze’s uniquely superb vocals.

    Independent is also the R&B superstar’s best-selling album (in his career) and the biggest (most-sold) album of 2007. Faze was also a member of the now-disbanded Plantashun Boiz trio, which also included 2face Idibia now known as 2baba and Blackface.

    Imagine that-

    Styl-plus- Imagine That

    In February 2006, made up of Shifi Emoefe, Tunde Akinsanmi and Zeal Onyecheme released their highly anticipated 11 track debut album “Expressions“.

    Imagine That” is the lead single from the album. The song was a hit like their previous releases.

    Angel of My Life- Paul Play Dairo

    Paul Play Dairo- Angel of My Life

    Paul Play Dairo is the son of the late Nigerian singer I.K. Dairo. He signed with Kennis Music in 1999 after his music group broke up.

    In 2006, he released the R’n’B tune, “Angel of My Life“. The song was a hit solidifying Paul Play’s place as one of the biggest Afro-R’n’B artists as of then. In 2020, he released a remix of the song with Runtown.

    Adara- P

    Nigerian Female Rappers who once dominated the industry
    P- Adara

    P (formerly ) was once the hottest femcee in the game, having given herself the self-serving title of “the first lady of Nigerian Hip-Hop.” The Omo Ibadan rose to prominence at a time when there were few Nigerian female hip-hop artists.

    Adara” was her biggest song, featured on her debut album, First Lady, released in 2006, and later released as a stand-alone single in 2008. In 2009, the song earned her a UK-based award for Best Female Artiste.

    Although she has largely abandoned music in recent years, she devotes the majority of her time and energy to the fashion industry and other humanitarian causes.

    For Instance- 2Baba

    2face Idibia One Love Mp3 Download
    For Instance- 2Baba

    For Instance” is a single from 2Baba (Formerly Known as 2face Idibia)‘s second album, Grass 2 Grace, released in 2006. In its first week of release, the album sold over a million copies and earned him numerous awards, including the MOBO Award in 2007.

    Aside from the magnetizing beat, the lyrics are socio-political in nature calling out corrupt leaders who abuse the trust of the people who put them in power.

    Olori Oko- Infinity

    Infinity- Olori Oko

    Infinity was a popular Gospel Nigerian group made up of Kehinde Akinbode, Joe Okougbo, David Thomas, Samson Nnogo and Sunny Steve. In 2006, they released their album, “Olori Oko‘ with the lead single of the same name to massive success.

    Olori Oko” was not just an anthem in churches but in schools, events, name it. It was a popular choreography tune used by children.

    Swo- Marvellous Benjy

    Marvellous Benjy-

    There are Nigerian songs that have helped create or propagate dance routine and Marvellous Benjy’s “” is one of those songs. Released in 2006, it was off his “Take Control” album. It is to date Marvellous Benjy’s biggest song.

    Why- D’banj

    D'banj- Why Me
    D’banj- Why Me

    D’banj is a Nigerian musician who uses a fusion of Afrobeat and Afropop to bring his music to life and is considered one of the Nigerian Music Industry’s influential artists.

    In 2006, he released his RunDown Funk U Up Album and one of the biggest hits from the song is the uptempo song “Why Me” which was a big hit.

    Ijoya- Weird MC

    Weird MC

    Ijoya is from Weird MC’s second album, After Da Storm, released in 2006. The single “Ijoya,” produced by Don Jazzy and JJC, was a huge success, earning her an award for Most Pop Song and a Channel O Music Video Award for Best Special Effect.

    Kerewa- Zule Zoo

    Zule Zoo

    Zule Zoo was a music duo consisting of Ibrahim Alhassan and Mike from Benue state. Their biggest git was ‘Kerewa” which had a groovy and undulating beat that blinded people from the heavily sexual and controversial lyrics.

    ” in itself is a slang for s*xual intercourse and has two different theories over what the theme of the song is.

    One school of thought sees the song from the perspective of a child reporting his mother’s adultery. Another school of thought believes what the child was in fact r*pe taking place.

    Classic Nigerian Songs that were released in 2006 and turned 15 years in 2021

    • Kolomental-Faze
    • Imagine that-
    • Angel of My Life-Paul Play Dairo
    • Adara- P
    • For Instance-2baba
    • Olori Oko-Infinity
    • Swo- Marvellous Benjy
    • Why Me- D’banj
    • Ijoya- Weird MC
    • Kerewa-Zule Zoo

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