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#ChallengeAccepted: Asa, Tiwa Savage, and other Nigerian Female Artists Join the Instagram Trend

, , and other Nigerian female artists join the ongoing #ChallengeAccepted photo campaign on Instagram.

#ChallengeAccepted: Asa, Tiwa Savage, and other Nigerian Female Artists Joining the Instagram Photo Campaign
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For several days, there have been pictures of women in black-and-white images popping up on Instagram. Nigerian female artists are also getting in on the trend.

The photo campaign, which first occurred in 2016, has women across the world posting candid images of themselves, in solidarity with #womensupportingwomen

Unlike in 2016, when the trend supported cancer awareness, no one is really sure what this trend is about.

Some school of thought believe it’s an excuse for celebrities to post fabulous pictures of themselves, others state that it is a sign of solidarity for women in the world.

Just like the #MeToo movement spread like wild fire internationally, #ChallengeAccepted has almost every woman jumping on it.

Presently, the photo campaign has had over 4 million women posting black-and-white images on Instagram, worldwide.

Women are nominating each other to partake in the social media trend. The challenge has even spread to Twitter.

Actress, Genevieve Nnaji seems to be the one championing the cause in Nigeria.

Almost all the female artists who joined the trend thanked her for nominating them.

Here are the female artists in Nigeria who joined the #ChallengeAccepted photo campaign:

Tiwa Savage


The Dangerous Lover singer, posted an opaque picture of herself on Instagram, looking fierce.

In a brief caption, Tiwa states that lighting another woman’s candle doesn’t dim hers, because iron sharpens iron.

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Yet another artist nominated by Genevieve Nnaji, posted a portrait of herself, with mostly black tones.

With only a part of her face showing, Waje‘s entire aura agrees with her statement; “We slay on the battlefield. Tough times don’t last, tough women do.”



Although said she doesn’t follow trends, she definitely followed this one.

In an uplifting message, encourages women to be proud of their evolution, and how far they’ve come.

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Also nominated by Genevieve, Asa is the only artist on this list without an inspiring message for women out there.

But, she posted a casual black-and-white image of herself, joining the challenge.

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She thanked Genevieve for nominating her to be part of the challenge.


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