Ceeza Milli or Peruzzi, who should get the Next Rated?

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So, the Nigeria Entertainment Awards nominations has come, and there’s no or . But still, we don’t have to be told our ‘Next Rated’ this year, is either the Starboy guy (does he even have a deal with Wiz), or ’s new signee, Peruzzi. Really, we don’t have to be told!

But then, who’s even more deserving of the recognition, Ceeza or Peruzzi?

Peruzzi is the OBO’s boy. These days, whereever Davido goes, Peruzzi follows, too (except the NYSC programme, of course.) Is Davido on Tour? If yes, Peruzzi’s on Tour, too. Did someone feature Davido? He probably featured Peruzzi, too. And that’s ’cause he was a songwriter for David, before he got signed officially to the DMW imprint, this year.

Ceeza Milli or Peruzzi, who should get the Next Rated

He’s new to the industry, yes. And although he doesn’t have a long list of songs that he owns, he’s been featured on many hits. There’s “Mind,” there’s “Aje,” and “Aza,” they’re all DMW collectives. “Aza” which is the most recent of all, features , by the way. He was also featured on ’s viral hit “Amaka,” one of his best guest appearances, till day. His “For Your Pocket,” single got its Davido remix, recently and he was on ‘s “Tatashe.” Not forgetting ’s “Run Am,” which features him and his boss, Davido. By all standards, Peruzzi deserves the Next Rated!

Peruzzi next rated

Ceeza Milli on the other hand, is not confirmed to be signed on ’s Starboy imprint, yet. But, really put him on, this year. He was on ’s mega hit, “Soco,” and on “Commando,” another hit with Wiz. Duncan Mighty came through for him on “Sabi,” so the Starboy influence is there for him. And last year, had featured him on “Olohungbo,” where he shone alongside Tinny Entertainment rapper, and Chocolate City singer, .

Ceeza Milli next rated

Unlike Peruzzi, though, Ceeza has songs of his own. “Rotate,” “There She Goes,” and the popular, “Yapa.” While we can say Ceeza’s relatively new, too, he actually deserves some accolades. What accolade can be more deserving than the Next Rated.

It’s probably a Starboy vs DMW war now, hence a Wizkid vs Davido. So, for die-hard fans of Wiz, it’s Ceeza, and for the fans of Davido, it’s Peruzzi. But for people like me who sitting on the fence, we’ll let the Awards decide. NEA don fuck up, let’s just hope The Headies will come through!


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