Caroline Danjuma denies rumors of her dating Timaya

  • Caroline Danjuma claims she is not dating Timaya.

  • Caroline Danjuma dismisses rumours of an affair with Timaya, criticizes bloggers for propagating false information.

  • Caroline Danjuma has denounced rumours that she is having an affair with Timaya, a well-known musician.

Caroline Danjuma denies rumors of her dating Timaya
Caroline Danjuma denies rumours of her dating Timaya

Caroline Danjuma has denied claims circulating on social media that she is having an affair with famous artist Inetimi Timaya Odom, also known as Timaya.

On Sunday, February 6, 2022, the actress took to Instagram to blast individuals who have persisted to propagate incorrect information about her.

This comes only hours after a popular Instagram paparazzi, cutie , stated in a post that the two were dating, but Timaya ended it because he wasn’t interested anymore.

In response to the allegations, Danjuma rushed to Instagram on Sunday to clarify the situation, claiming that she and Timaya are simply “regular friends.”

The ex-movie chastised bloggers for spreading false claims about her love life in a now-deleted article, noting that it wasn’t the first time such rumours made the news.

She also took a swipe at the singer’s baby mama, Tamar, who she insinuated to be behind the allegations.

Danjuma wrote, “When stooopid bloggers decide to type rubbish without confirmation that is something I will NOT TOLERATE THIS YEAR.

“Same rubbish has been written about me concerning a footballer when I was in a serious relationship 2 yrs ago and it was false. You gutter bloggers needs a lot of schooling.. like two opposite sex adults can’t be ORDINARY friends again? Something must happen?.

of this silly mentality. I ain’t ashamed of whom I have been with or who I will be with. Don’t cook up stories for clout .. if you have nothing better to do with your blog find out solutions to make Africa’s economy better. Since you put up my picture I needed to come down to your level to address you. Timaya is my friend you can drink poison respectfully if it hurts.. Tamar I see your hand work… you will be fine.”

The 41-year-old was married to Musa Danjuma — the younger brother of former Nigeria’s former defence minister, General TY Danjuma — for 10 years.

The union, however, hit the rocks in 2016 over allegations bordering on infidelity. Since their separation, the mother of three now bears Caroline Hutchins.

Tamar is Timaya’s second baby mama. They welcomed their only child together back in 2018.

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