Cardi B explains why her husband bought their daughter an expensive bag

    Cardi B has explained why her husband, Offset bought their 2-year-old daughter an Expensive Hermes bag for her birthday.

    Cardi B, Offset and Kulture

    In a video shared by Offset, the rapper is seen giving his daughter, Kulture a box that he helps open and brings out a pink Hermes bag.

    ‘Wow, it’s pretty, it’s pretty. ‘Look, this is yours mama, wow, see you, beautiful baby, it’s your Birkin!‘ Offset tells her.

    The video went viral and people criticize Offset for spending too much on a bag when he could have bought a toy for her.

    Reacting to the criticism, Cardi B shared a video on her IG story, insisting that her daughter also attends big ceremonies, so if her mom and dad wear designers, then she should too.


    Watch the video below;

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