Cardi B: A Personality Nigerian Celebrities Need To Learn From

    Here some are qualities which we think our  Nigerian celebrities need to Adapt from popular Female  American rapper; Cardi B.

    Cardi B A Personality Nigerian Celebrities Need To Learn From
    Cardi B

    The previous week was indeed a remarkable and unforgettable one, as American music star; Belcalis Almánzar, aka Cardi B, visited Lagos Nigeria for the first time.

    This for her concert which kicked off on Saturday the 7th of December at the Eko Hotel as reported by us at “Mp3bullet.ng”.

    Prior to the concert, the rapper made sure she toured the city, hang out with her fans, and had lots of fun doing these.

    Despite not being a citizen of the country, it seemed Cardi B, was more appreciative and social with her fans than Nigerian; celebrities would ever be.

    Now, this brings us to this discussion as she has proven o be a personality worth learning from.

    To kickstart, lets first of all talk about her adventures in the city, Prior to the show

    Cardi B In Lagos

    Cardi B in Lagos

    After a long trip from the United States down to Africa, the star lodged in a hotel in Lagos.

    A day to her show being Friday the 6th of December, Instead, of remaining in the comfort of her hotel, she requested to be shown around, and even taken to the hood!!.

    The “Bodak Yellow” hitmaker further went on to request local Nigerian food, despite the extravagance of the ones provided by the hotel.

    Later that day, a “Meet & Greet” was organized, where Cardi sat down and conversed with her fans, with utmost patience. She spoke, answered questions, and took pictures without restrictions. I bet you can count how many Nigerian celebs take their time to do these.

    The rapper was also given a Nigerian name after the Igbo culture; Chioma“, which means “God is great”. Excitedly, she took to her Insta Story to show this new name off.

    “Mp3bullet.ng” reports that Cardi B further honored an interview with Cool FM where he baby girl; Kulture received a Yoruba name; “Ayomide” which means “joy”.

    Cardi B meet & greet

    Next, she visited a strip club in Lagos, where she had fun with some dancers, took pictures with fans, sprayed money on fans, and even did a little music performance.

    Cardi B’s Livespot X Festival

    Cardi at the orphanage

    On the day on which the concert was to hold, the “press” singer went out of her way to visit an orphanage, where she made generous donations to the less privileged children there.

    She had a chat with the persons in charge of the home, hung out, played, and took pictures with them, which she shared on her IG, talk about a philanthropist.

    See Videos Of Cardi B's Massive Performance At Lagos Concert
    Cardi B on stage

    The festival was scheduled to take place at 6 pm and guess what, the artist was on stage by 6 pm!. Yeah, I’m sure y’all are shocked, we are used to our artists not keeping to time and delaying before concerts begin. Guess what? Cardi doesn’t do that, she respected everybody’s time!

    Many Nigerians who thought the show was going to be the usual”African time” ended up coming late to the show, and missing a lot, according to research made by us at “Mp3bullet.ng”.

    Cardi B parties with fans Celebrities

    Cardi B X Zlatan X Burna Boy

    Now there’s this common feeling Nigerian celebrities have that if they go for a show at a place or another country, all other celebrities them become beneath their status.

    They walk around with a certain air of pride and are reluctant to associate with other celebrities, talk of hanging out with fans.

    After her show, she went to a club, where she spent time with Burna Boy, Zlatan Iblie, and a host of others.

    There was even a picture of her playing and being really free with Zlatan, who has not yet gained International recognition, I’m sure that was their first time meeting.

    I’m sure that up till now, Zlatan is not up to the standard of some of our very snobbish high-class personalities and musicians alike.

    Cardi B: A personality Nigerian celebrities Should Emulate.

    Imagine going for a show in a foreign country and requesting to see the hood! Lol, Naija celebs will just chill in their various hotels and take pictures all-day, “who hood epp?? (Lmao)

    Many of our celebrities don’t even know the importance of having a close relationship with fans, they walk around with heavy bouncers who are ready to bounce on a fan who dares come close.

    Another great quality of Cardi B is her realness. Yes we all know she was a stripper, she attended the strip club and did some things there, You should see the way our holy Nigerian superstars reacted.

    Most of these people do worst! but they hide in the dark when doing it and come out to deceive themselves with motivational quotes online.

    I’m not promoting strip clubs or whatsoever, I’m only asking we stay true to ourselves and stop faking personalities.

    Also, despite not being a citizen to the country, the rapper made out time to make a humanitarian impact just during a short stay in the country, that’s legendary!.

    Finally and most importantly, her punctuality to her concert is something Nigerian artists really need to learn from!.

    You can’t disregard time just because you’re a superstar, it’s not done. Like seriously, y’all really need to grow up!.

    All things being said, I’m sure by now I’ve made my point, perhaps, it’s time for a rethink and a revolution.

    Always remember that without the fans, there would be no Star!  Thank you!!!.

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