Can Terry G’s Inspiration Overthrow Naira Marley?

    Terry G who returned to Nigeria’s music scene with new single Inspiration might be looking to overthrow Naira Marley.

    Naira Marley who has been identified to be a force in the Nigeria music scene was recently compared with Terry G.

    Though the comparison seemed awkward, it was a topic of discussion on Twitter.

    As some twitter user were of the opinion that Terry G is greater, Others believe that Naira Marley is better because of the Marlian trend that he originated.

    Naira Marley who started the Marlian trend has been tagged as one of the most influential Nigerian music for the creation of Marlians Nation.

    However other fans are of the opinion that Terry G remains the king of unethical unethically streetwise music.

    Mp3bullet will examine that Terry G has to overthrow Naira Marley as he returns to Music.

    • Naira Marley

    Terry G: Naira Marley tries to achieve me, I'm the 'Jesus' in Nigerian Music.
    Naira Marley

    The Am I a Yahoo boy crooner whose popularity rose after he was being picked up by The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for his alleged involvement in internet scam Popularly called Yahoo Yahoo.


    The Originator of the Marlians group who now has plenty of celebrities and music act reckoning with his trend.

    Also famous for releasing controversial tracks like Bad influence, Soapy ,

    Naira Marley has been argued to the most influential artist in Nigeria. After his release.

    Having the likes of Asa and Davido reckoning with the Marlian Nation,

    the Marlian Trend has gone beyond the music world.

    • Terry G’s Inspiration Return

    Terry G: Naira Marley tries to achieve me, I'm the 'Jesus' in Nigerian Music.
    Terry G

    The other part of the coin has Terry G who just returned to the music scene with new single Inspiration.

    The Single which was released in 2019 though received a lot of audiences did not really impress in terms of delivery.

    Reviews from social media platforms showed that music audiences were not impressed with his delivery.


    However, the Benue state artist who left the Nigeria music scene for a long while returned

    With a new track featuring Prettyboy D-O returning to  a changed Music Industry, Terry G might have to change his style to remain in trend as

    The music scene is not the way he left it. Considering the fact that he will enjoy exposure due to the love the Nigerian music audience has for him,

    The big question still remains that will he utilize the exposure to overthrow the President of the Marlian nation?

    Time will tell.

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