Can Rap Music still sell in Nigerian Music industry?

    There was a serious revolution in Nigeria industry, back in the day’s rap was everything and more, a lot of artistes gain prominence through rap music such as P., M.I Abaga, Vector, Mr Raw, Olamide, Phyno and so on, thus this question, Can Rap still sell in the Nigerian industry?

    Can Rap Music still sell in Nigerian Music industry?
    Can Rap still sell in Nigerian industry?

    The evolution started in the mid-2010s when rappers started migrating from rapping to singing, making rap seems less important, it comes to a point that almost all our rappers were singing verses instead of rapping like they used to, hence this question Can Rap still sell in the Nigerian industry?

    What is rap? rap or rapping is talking delicately and rhythmically, often with a very multiplex rhythm even without tonal concerns, which implies that it doesn’t necessarily need a particular kind of voice to blend.

    We’ll be highlighting why is possible to revive rap in the Nigerian industry, gone are the days that everyone embraces and gives attention to rap music if we’re being honest, the focus now is only for the top rap artistes perhaps, no room for the up and coming ones, unlike when everyone had almost same attention prior to talent and hard work.

    M.I released an album titled ‘talk about it‘ in 2008, and a hardcore rap song titled ‘Safe’ featuring Djinee was part of the song that gained massive reception on the album, so basically Nigerian was all about rap then, it was very appreciated.


    Olamide came out with ‘Eni Duro‘ it was a hardcore rap song, with no single singing verse on it, yet it was massively accepted, with due accolades and praises.

    Phyno did the same thing with his singles such as ‘Parcel‘, ‘Man of the Year (Obago)‘ and ‘Ghost Mode‘ all were hardcore rap songs yet it was widely accepted and appreciated.

    However, it is a different case now, as little or no attention being paid to rap in the Nigerian industry, the reason for the total abolishing of rap culture is still a mystery, especially in today’s market.

    In my opinion, I  still believe rap can still sell in the Nigerian music industry, it just needs to be well packaged,  it is evident Nigerians prefer melody and groovy vibes now, so mixing it with rap will definitely draw attention and gradually rap can be restored, for example, VectorEarly Momo’ feat. GoodGirl LA is currently gaining ground day by day because of the melody infused on it, same as Ladipoe Know You feat. Simi.

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