Burna Boy recounts how he used to be ashamed to be a Nigerian

  • Burna Boy recounts how he wasn’t proud to be when he was younger.

  • Burna Boy confesses he didn’t Like His Own Voice and wasn’t into Fela songs when he was young.

Burna Boy recounts how he used to ashamed to be a Nigerian
Burna Boy recounts how he used to ashamed to a

Popular Afrobeats artist Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna Boy has shared how he struggled to avoid being mistaken for a in the UK and that he wasn’t into Fela’s songs.

He made this disclosure during an interview with “Million Dollar Word of Game” Podcast.

The singer said that when he was younger, he didn’t like his voice and didn’t vibe with Fela’s songs.

He stated that going to the UK made things a bit worse for as had the tendency of being clowned for their identity.

He admitted that he isn’t proud of that era of his life but gave his for why he felt like that then.


In the video, Burna Boy said,

“I didn’t even like my voice to on honest with you but I never wanted all That Fela sh*t, I wasn’t f*cking with it when I was younger but then it took, it took me leaving Nigeria and just being in a place where I wanted to forget I was even Nigerian. You Understand like. I wasn’t, To honest. I wasn’t proud to be Bro. It wasn’t really a proud thing to be?”

“That’s the truth, it wasn’t really a prize coming from being in the UK and stuff at the time. it wasn’t really the proudest thing to because, like they just always used to clown us and try to, you know we are the apes, you know that things were really proud I didn’t, I didn’t care about anything that during that time, so I was more on the rap thing.”

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