Brymo comes for people running away from Africa

    Controversial singer, Brymo has taken to Twitter to lash out at Africans who are very eager to travel out of the continent to seek greener pastures elsewhere.

    Brymo comes for people running away from Africa
    Brymo comes for people running away from Africa

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    Brymo via his Twitter insinuated that what we (Africans) are ashamed of has been embraced by those who are originally not Africans and they are busy building the continent for the better.

    He said that traveling is like heaven but those who feel that leaving the continent is the only way to have a decent livelihood should remember that non-black South Africans called ‘Afrikaners’ who are originally Dutch are in the continent trying to build it up.

    He tweeted;

    “Travelling is heaven, but if you feel the urge to ditch this shithole remember that the only people on the African continent called ‘Afrikaners’ are largely none black South Africans who were originally Dutch!!..someone else is embracing and building what you are ashamed of.”


    A Fan who agreed with his statement said that people are eager to paint African bad and that he was afraid that Africans won’t be part of the revolution when it happens.

    Brymo responded with,

    You and I know we’ll take action and flood the streets in a protest,, and loot businesses rented by some of us while at it…


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