BNXN explains why he used to attack Burna Boy’s critics.

  • Why I Used to Insult People Who Don’t Like Burna Boy –

  • opens up on why he used to insult Burna Boy’ critics

BNXN explains why he used to attack Burna Boy's critics.
explains why he used to attack Burna Boy’ critics.

Nigerian singer, has opened up on why he used to insult critics that belittle Burna Boy.

This year has been fantastic for BNXN. The singer, who earlier this month won the Headies Award for Next Rated Artiste, is also the author of several top hits, including Finesse, Feeling, In My Mind, Kenkele, and others.

One thing that , like a lot of famous people, are not new to and get a lot of is criticism and nasty comments.

Even though suffers hateful remarks, he claims that he cannot be overly concerned about it because, before he became well-known, he participated in the same fan drama, anger, and criticism that he now faces. This is what mentioned in detail regarding the situation.

While speaking to The Nation, was asked, “How do you handle critics and criticism?”, to which the singer explained saying:

“I have come to realise that criticism is part of the game because even when I was younger there were a lot of times when I just came on the internet. After all, I have free data and sub, anybody, because I am a Burna Boy fan so if you’re not a Burna Boy fan, I’m automatically up, but it was based on laziness and boredom and the need to be seen.


Like you want to be seen you want to be heard but all that is not needed, like I said it is also part of the game, it feels like ginger or courage, sometimes you don’t want to prove anybody, people that think that you are going to be this guy and you are not capable of this and that but I also feel that criticism is something that shouldn’t necessarily affect your game, it shouldn’t shake you.

My manager gave me this perspective one time, that have you ever worked down the road and somebody comes to meet you and says ‘I hate your song, I hate you, your song is rubbish’, it has never happened, it is only online, it’ fake so it is like a facade and I would be in a thousand and one places so if that has never happened to me you already know that this is online energy, it is from people that you can’t see or hear but they want to be seen and heard and sometimes they are faceless so handling criticism now is a lot easier for me.

I just look at it as a facade. Before I used to let it get to me sometimes because I am a very emotional person and I am very personal with my work so especially when I see someone shitting on my work that I have put so much time and effort into, it’ almost very sketchy but now it’ way better.”

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