Blackface Set To Release Rap & Dancehall Version of “African Queen”

    Blackface has announced that he would be releasing his rap and dancehall version of the song”African queen”

    Blackface Set To Release Rap & Dancehall Version of African Queen

    Former member of the group“Plantashun boiz” has come out to claim the hit song “African Queen” by releasing his own versions of the song.

    The song was released about 15 years ago by2baba and continued to be a mega-hit ever since.

    Blackface claims he has the original right to the song as the writer, which 2aba didn’t give due credit.

    Earlier on, he made his version of the song and added it to his album “Jungle fever”.

    During a recent interview with Sunday Scoop, he said he would be making rap and dancehall versions of the song.

    His exact words were:

    There are still going to be different versions of African Queen– including rap and dancehall. So, they should get ready for that.”

    “The song is dedicated to women all over the world. I decided to do another version of the track to let people know that there are different ways that a song can be rendered.

    As it is well known, I gave 2face the rights to sing the song but he didn’t give me the appropriate credit. I have got proof to show that I wrote that song. Recall that I also sang the song in one of my albums titled, Jungle Fever.

    “I don’t see it as a big deal because this is not the first time that two singers would sing a particular song. For example, the song, I’ll Always Love You, was written by Dolly Parton. It was later sung by Whitney Houston.

    “It doesn’t matter who sings the song– you just have to give credit to the writer, and that’s what many Nigerians fail to understand. Anyway, we are preparing to shoot the video anytime soon because my fans have been asking for it.

    It, however, seems that Blackface will not be letting go of his issue with 2baba anytime soon

    Anyways, we surely can’t wait to see this new version of the song.

    We also hope he “finally” proves hes the “owner” of the song.


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