Best site to trade gift card

There are a lot of sites where you can easily trade gift cards. And maybe you have even heard of a few. But that’s not why you’re here. You want to know in more detail about the best sites to trade your gift cards.  

Best site to trade gift card
Best site to trade gift card

But what are gift cards and why do you even need to trade them? These questions and especially the most important one; what are the best sites to trade your gift cards will be answered in this article.  

All though all the sites on this article are credible in their own way and provide unique services, it goes without saying that the best gift card trading website is 

But first, let’s get to know a few things about gift cards and trading them.  


What are Gift Cards? 

In the grand scale of things you might be thinking that gift cards are plastic cards given out as a gift to family or a friend but that’s not what they are. Gift cards are prepaid debit cards or gift vouchers. They are most commonly issued by a bank or retail store. 

 Sometimes you can buy a gift card, like. Prepaid card or you be gifted one at one of your very popular stores. 

 Now that you know what gift cards are, another question you might ask, they are actually functional in Nigeria. Despite contrary beliefs, gift cards are quite popular amongst people.  

 It is why some of the gift card companies that will be highlighted below are a success. People do not only exchange gift cards for its monetary value but also use it to pay bills.  

 The use of gift cards keeps expanding as it fully integrates into the financial mainstream of the economy.  

Why do We even Trade or want to Trade Gift Cards? 

We’ve established that gift cards can easily be exchanged for money. So, let’s say you get an iTunes gift card and you don’t want to spend it on iTunes or any of its related products. But you’d rather have the monetary value of the card, so you can use it elsewhere. Wouldn’t you need to trade the cards to get the money?   

When you exchange your gift card for its monetary value, you can solve a larger array of issues that have to do with finance, like paying bills and so on.  

That’s why gift cards are traded. And since the improvement of technology, you don’t need to stress yourself looking for a buyer. Just by using añy of the sites we will be discussing shortly, you can easily sell your gift cards as well as buy gift cards.   

Some of the Best Sites to Trade Gift CardsThere are a lot of sites that provide the service of trading gift cards. And a lot of them claim to   

Listed below are some of the best sites to trade gift cards.  


We have fully explored other brands and seen what makes them unique to each of the customers that use them. This has led us to the last but not the least on our best sites to trade gift cards. was founded in 2021 and has since begun to make an impact in the gift card trading industry. Although not too old in the industry the brand has created state of the art features and services to cater to customers every need.  

When it comes to gift card trading, seems to take the cake. They offer the best trading experience.  

What makes them different from other brands? They enable users to enjoy good rates and allow them to move money to meet their everyday needs without encountering any hassles.  

Using you can buy gift cards from anywhere in the world as well as sell. Not only do they provide an anywhere anytime sell or buy service, they also went an extra mile to create a rates calculator 

This calculator will enable a user to calculate and compute the rates of the card that he/she wishes to sell or buy. Using this calculator, a user can determine the rates are profitable enough for them before they proceed to actually go through with the transaction.  

The rate calculator is pretty easy to use, just select the brand of gift card, the country, the card type and the amount it’s worth and the rate calculator would do the rest. 

When it comes to trust and security, they provide one of the safest and most secure platforms across the board. Thus making sure that customers not only rely on their service but trust that information shared on the platform is locked in, safe and secure.  

Another quality of is their instant payouts. Once you trade your gift cards on the platform, you needn’t wait minutes to receive the value of your card. Payment is made immediately your trade is complete. 


  1. Gift Cards Hub

The first site on the list is Gift Cards Hub. This site was founded in 2017 and has since been providing customers with deliberate and good services. They have proven over the years to be excellent and exceptional as compared to other gift card trading companies that are in nigeria. This company engages in the buying and selling of a large variety of gift cards.  


The company has since its inceptions created a good standing relationship with credible brands and companies which they buy and sell from. A lot of these brands are familiar and already have good relationships with the public.  

It is the fact that this site supports a lot of  different gift cards that makes them the top spot to visit whenever a user wants to buy or sell its gift cards.  


How to Use the Site  

Navigating through the site is easy and smooth. This is because gifthub is primarily customer first. The first step to take is to create an account on GiftCards hub. And to do this, follow the easy steps below.  

  1. Open your web browser (chrome, safari, etc) and key in the words This should immediately take you to the website’s page.  
  2. Once the site opens, click on the trade now button on the home screen and sign up to the site. This can be done by providing some key details about yourself.  
  3. Next is to read and agree to the privacy policy terms that giftcards hub has in place to protect you. 
  4. Finally, hit the create account button and start trading. 

After creating an account, you would want to get started immediately on the site. To trade gift cards of the platform, simply follow these steps; 

Since you’re already logged into your just successfully created an account and you can now see your dashboard 

  1. From the category of gift card options select any gift card of your choice i.e apple store gift cards. 
  2. Next select from the options the gift card (apple gift card) you want. 
  3. Now, input the amount of the gift card in dollars in the space provided for it. Once you this, the card will automatically be converted to Naira 
  4. The next step is to upload the image of the gift card and the details in the space that was provided for it.  
  5. As soon as the card is confirmed, you will be credited immediately to the amount its worth.

3. Cardtonic

This is another credible gift card platform that exists in Nigeria. The platform seeks to provide the best of services to its customers when it comes to gift cards of the best things about Cardtonic is that they offer customers good and reliable purchase rates. 

Cardtonic offers a wide variety of gift cards. They buy a large variety of different kinds of gift cards from its customers, which also makes the range it can sell wider. But all these still don’t limit its pay-out time. They still pay their customers without any form of delay.   

Some of the benefits of using cardtonic are cross-platform availability and that it is trusted and secure.  

They claim to have made accessing the services quick and easy by limiting the trading process to three steps that only take a few minutes to complete.  

Combined with the very user-friendly interface and rates, this platform has proven to be trustworthy and easy to navigate.   


  1.  Cardvest

What is cardvest? It may be just another gift card trading website but this site provides quality service for its customers anytime and anywhere.  

 The site even claims to have an incredible record as the site to sell gift cards at the best rates. This site allows you to sell your gift cards for another currency; the naira.  

And to add to its efficiency, the trading platform is not only secure but also fast. It claims to be the most popular amongst all other gift card vendors, websites and platforms.  

Unlike other gift card platforms, this particular platform has been around since 2016. And with this, they still offer one of the best and highest gift cards selling payout to customers.  

Apart from providing perfact rates for the exchange of gift cards, the brands website has also proven to be simple to navigate through as well as an intuitive platform of its own.  

To access this gift cards platform, you’ll first need to sign up and get registered on Cardvest. This will give you access to the best of services that they provide.  

  1. Astro Africa

Astro Africa also has a pretty impressive platform to exchange or trade your gift cards for money. They offer good rates that are not only attractive but generous to a customer.   

To further sell themselves as a trustworthy platform, they also abstain from charging  any hidden fees. What you see is exactly what you get.  

Astro Africa has some distinct processes that are quite different from other platforms. On this platform, you won’t be directed anywhere or go through several steps. Once you get on the platform you can go straight to and make your necessary profit. The website was made to be that flexible to suit its customers. 

Another important thing about this platform is that it doesn’t need a user to necessarily sign up before they can start gift cards to naira. Some of the gift cards this platform supports include;Amazon, iTunes, sephora, ebay, playstation, and so much more. 

The platform is known for being easy to use and an on-the-go platform. 

CONCLUSION is available for all devices. Just because you use a device that isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean you won’t be able to access the services that offers.  

Unlike other brands, does not only provide trading gift card services. They also allow users to pay bills through the platform. They know that users have bills they would like to pay and thanks to technological advancements, one can do that online. So instead of transferring money from one account to another to enable you to pay bills, you can do that directly from your account.  


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