Best Collaboration Duos in the Nigerian Music Industry

    Best Collaboration Duos in the Nigerian Music Industry. Some Naija Songs have been birthed from Friendships amongst artists

    Best Collaboration Duos in the Nigerian Music Industry
    Best Collaboration Duos in the Nigerian Music Industry

    Artists sometimes collaborate with other artists who they have a great friendship with. These kinds of collaborations are welcomed by fans who enjoy the magic these artists create together.

    A good collaboration with different artists is welcomed but there are some duos who have constantly proven that no matter the song, they can ace it together.

    Celebrity friends like Olamide and Phyno showed us that rappers can exist in the same sphere without beef and language wasn’t a barrier.

    So here are the best collaboration duos in the Nigerian Music Industry;


    BOJ & Ajebutter22

    Ajebutter22 and BOJ have this bond between them that stretches into the music they make. While Ajebutter22 is a rapper, BOJ is an Alte singer in his own class.

    Their collaborations are a fans’ delight.  From ‘Omo Pastor’ to ‘Tungba’, to their collaborative EPs, ‘Make e no cause fight 1&2’, these two hold audience captive with their crazy chemistry.

    Davido & Mayorkun

    Davido and Mayorkun have a chemistry that’s unique to them despite the fact that Davido is Mayorkun’s boss technically.

    From ‘Bobo’ to ‘Prayer’ to their latest collaboration, ‘Betty Butter’, any song they collaborate is always a hit.

    Interestingly, Davido once announced that Mayorkun is featured on two tracks from his forthcoming album, “A Better Time”. So it’s safe to say, we haven’t seen the end of their collaborations.


    Flavour & Chidinma

    When Flavour kissed Chidinma on ‘Olulufe’ music video, fans’ gossip antenna was tickled. This birthed a rumor that they were dating even though Flavour already had a baby mama.

    Whenever these two collaborate, it feels like a Nigerian version of a Disney romance animation movie.

    From ‘Ololufe’ to ‘Oh Baby(remix), ‘Mama’, to the last collaborative EP, they released in 2019, “40 Yrs Everlasting”, these two have never failed to sell us the idea that they could have been lovers if it were another situation.

    Simi & Falz

    In 2015, Simi released her breakout single, ‘Jamb Question’ which featured Falz in the Music Video and the Remix. They went further by collaborating on the hit track, ‘Soldier’.

    Just like the Flavour & Chidinma’s situation, this led to rumors of them dating. The two capitalized on this and released a joint EP titled ‘Chemistry’ which received positive reviews.

    The EP’s name was the perfect name for their collaborations as it gave a summary of how magical their collaborations were.

    Interestingly, Simi married her longtime lover, Adekunle Gold to the disappointment of their shippers. Falz remains a close friend of the two till this day.


    Olamide & Phyno

    Olamide and Phyno first collaborated on Phyno’s hit track, ‘Ghost Mode’ which was amazing as it proved that two indigenous rappers of different tribes could still make magic.

    Phyno is an Igbo rapper and Olamide, a Yoruba rapper, you will think their languages would be a barrier for their friendship but these two proved otherwise with their collaborations.

    Phyno has gone on to feature Olamide in various songs and vice versa. They even released a joint EP, ‘Two Kings’. The best song to be birthed from their friendship is ‘Fada Fada’.

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