“Behold The LAMB” is a favourite among hip-hop enthusiasts [Review]

The album “Behold The LAMB” is a favourite among hip-hop enthusiasts in Nigeria.

You’re sure to obtain a tape that touches on all the fascinating subtleties of the Nigerian hip-hop scene if you combine four amazing rappers with various styles, skills, and quirks, and you get “Behold The LAMB” a typical favourite among hip-hop enthusiasts

Rappers Loose Kaynon, AQ, M.I. Abaga, and Blaqbonez make up the Nigerian hip hop trio L.A.M.B.

"Behold The LAMB" is a favourite among hip-hop enthusiasts [Review]
“Behold The LAMB” is a favourite among hip-hop enthusiasts [Review]

They have dazzled horrifyingly on their cyphers, these diverse rappers used their skills to produce the hip-hop album “Behold The LAMB,” which gives Nigerian hip-hop fans a common bond.

Fans have differed on whether or not Nigerian hip hop is pleasurable, with some arguing that rappers should employ more pop melody to make that is enjoyable and can compete with Nigerian pop music.

Fans who argue against the inclusion of pop elements contend that rap runs the risk of losing its own flavour.

‘Behold The LAMB’ acts as a unifier that satisfies the needs of both purists and liberals, regardless of whatever side of the argument you may be on.

L.A.M.B accomplishes a flawless mix of hip-hip bars with a melodic infusion that appeals to a newer generation of rap listeners with an imported rap taste in “Badman,” “Groupie” ft. Oxlade, and “Snapchat Vs. Facebook” feat. Chike.

Hard-core hip-hop enthusiasts can enjoy a rap spectacular that touches on the recurrent theme of in “Chasing Dreams.”

With references to Cardy B, Nicki Minaj, and Jamie Vardy from Blaqbonez, a boss- verse from Loose, and hard-hitting rhymes from AQ in the end, “Chasing Dreams” is a song that may bring together different generations of hip-hop lovers.

With songs like “Plus 257,” which involves Kenyan musicians Bien & Kaligraph Jones, and “Receipts,” which features Ghanaian rapper Ko-jo Cue, “Behold the LAMB” attained some lovely international diversity and popularity.

It’s not easy to follow in the footsteps of Kaligraph Jones, who easily incorporated allusions to Ted Bundy, Jay Z, Puff Diddy, and the Infinity Stones, but Blaqbones managed to hold his own in what may be the best Nigeria- hip-hop collaboration to date.

With Ko-jo Cue providing a chilly hip-hop chorus and M.I delivering the ultimate chest-thumping lines in “Receipts,” The L.A.M.B touched down Accra.

Fears immediately makes all of Drake’s previous singles come to mind. Blaqbonez and AQ gave fans an insight into their hopes and worries in this song.

The solemn sound required to embrace the sobriety this song delivers is provided by the background voices and solemn chords.

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