Beef Alert Between Olamide and Davido!!!

    See reasons why we think there might be a silent war going on between Davido and Olamide

    Olamide and Davido Could There Be Beef Between These Two
    Olamide and Davido Could There Be Beef Between These Two

    Olamide and Davido, Davido and Olamide; these words are constantly heard when it comes to music in Nigeria.

    Not just for their unique musical talents, but also for their capability of delivering hits whenever they collaborate on a song.

    Talk about Davido’s 2015 hit; “The money” ft Olamide, and the YBNL boss’ “Summer body” ft Davido.

    Music aside, these two were known to have a very cordial relationship, which they didn’t hesitate to display publicly.

    However, it seems this bromance of theirs has died down as there ceases to anymore show of affection.

    Instead, we think there’s cold and silent malice going on, which neither is ready to voice out.

    How did it start?


    Well, we think it started with the whole Lyta episode. I’m sure everyone knows what went down so I don’t need to mince words here.

    Olamide in a recent interview disclosed that YBNL ever since establishment never issued contacts to artists as reported by us at “Mp3bullet.ng”.

    According to him, he established the label to push upcoming artists forward. Thus, they could leave anytime they wanted to.

    Lyta got into the Label in 2017 after alamode discovered him. He went ahead to drop two hit singles; “Time”, and “Self Made”

    Mp3bullet.ng” reports that this was between late 2018 up until early 2019/ when Fireboy DML emerged.

    Apparently, Fireboy DML took over the spotlight, and the Label’s calendar required every other member of the label to chill while Fireboy’s music was promoted. Every other person was cool with this, except Lyta.

    According to Olamide, the young star exited the label saying his father got him a record label. He said he gave his blessings, and let the boy go.

    Lyta, however, went on to spread negativities about the “Choko Milo” singer and as a result, Bado decided to completely do away with him.

    Davido picks up Lyta


    Consequently, Lyta caught Davido’s attention after the whole controversy, and Davido decided to help him

    When asked about his decision to help the young singer despite his history with Olamide, Davido replied that he didn’t care about what anybody thinks. His words; “Fuck Anybody”

    Perhaps that was the start of the beef between the two.

    Davido further went on to do a remix of Lyta’s “Monalisa” and paid for the video which was shot in Senegal.

    Olamide and Davido beefing each other??


    Ever since there has been little or no signs of a close friendship between these two.

    Then, Davido welcomed his first son .Close as they were, we expected a huge shoot out and a congratulatory message from Olamide to Davido. However, that was not the case.

    That aside, Davido just recently dropped an album; “A Good Time”. No single word from Olamide on the album, very unusual.

    A few days after Davido dropped his album, “Mp3bullet.ng” reported that YBNL’s Fireboy DML dropped his.

    Fireboy’s“Laughter tears and Goosebumps” received a standing ovation from many people, including our favorite celebrities.

    Wizkid even pinned the album link to his Twitter profile and shared it across several platforms. Yet, all we got from Davido was silence.

    By now I’m sure everything is beginning to add up in your head and I have no doubt that a silent war is going on between the two.

    However, we hope that they are able to settle their differences whatever it may be.

    We really miss the Olamide-Davido vibe and can’t wait to have another banger from them!!!

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