Be Like 2Baba When you Taste Stardom

    Nigerian Veteran actress Mercy Johnson has asked upcoming celebrities to be like legendary 2Baba when they taste stardom.

    Mercy Johnson who made this call at an interview session with Goldmyne TV urged upcoming celebrities to emulate 2baba who according to her is very humble.

    Mercy Johnson

    Mercy johnson who spoke about 2baba when she was asked who she will vote between 2baba and Dbanj as Nigerian President said she was going to pick 2baba.

    Mercy who revealed that Dbanj was an awesome personality said that 2Baba is such going to lead in such a manner that people are going to emulate him.

    2baba he is such an example, Dbanj is awesome, but I’ve not met him He is such an example of what we should be like even when you taste stardom, wealth and power. He (2Baba) Is such an example.

    He is someone everyone should emulate when it comes to humility, when it comes to humanity, every time I meet him I pick something.


    When my husband met him at Ay’s house warming, my husband  just gave a nod and said yes that’s  a legend, that’s an example to behold.

    He (2Baba) is going to lead in the manner that people are going to be forced to emulate him, He has this infectious personality so even when you see him, you will tell yourself if he has achieved so much, such a name, such personality, such wealth, and he is this humble, what am I doing?

    Mercy Johnson who was not referring to Burna boy might be right in time to address the superiority strive started by Burna boy who claimed to be the best after Fela.

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