Banky W Reacts to the Killing of Black American in Minnesota

    Sensational Nigerian singer Banky W has taken to his social media page to react to the killing of black American in Minnesota.

    #COVID19: Banky W and Wife in Self Isolation after AMVCA News
    Banky W

    Taking to his twitter page to react, Banky W who seemed devastated by the rate at which people are being killed both home and abroad revealed that he was tired of the whole situation.

    Banky W’s reaction was triggered by news of the killing of a Black American man in Minnesota and the news of killings in southern Kaduna.

    Further encouraging fans to do their bit in making the it environment a better place, Banky W said:

    So much darkness. So much violence and hatred. We’ve heard of people being killed so much, we’ve become numb to it. Different day, different victims, same story, same hashtags. “Thoughts and Prayers for… (insert victim or city name here). #BlackLivesMatter #RIPGeorgeFloyd

    This world is exhausting. In America, it’s racism – white cops killing unarmed black people. In Nigeria, where we share the same skin colour, it’s tribalism & genocide. Every other week there’s another story of mass murder; Kaduna today, Jos tomorrow. So much hatred. I am tired

    Bad news everywhere, all the time. It’s exhausting. My only suggestion: please try and DO something to make your part of the world a little better. Be part of SOMETHING GOOD that is bigger than yourself. Volunteer, donate, serve. Do something. Anything. Please. #DontJustTweet

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