Asake’s on the verge to have the biggest breakout year in Nigeria

Asake’s gradually on the verge to have the biggest breakout year in the history of Nigeria

Asake, the newest Golden Boy of the Nigerian music business, is going to take you for ride when you hear the tag “Ololade Mi Asake” at the song’s start.

How was Asake able to successfully leave his mark on the minds of music enthusiasts all over Nigeria when he was simply another underdog in the Nigerian music industry not long ago?

Asake's on the verge to have the biggest breakout year in Nigeria
Asake’s on the verge to have the biggest breakout year in Nigeria

Even if it might gain you an audience among family and friends, garnering widespread attention is very different story in the fiercely competitive sector.

Asake’s rise to stardom may have been sparked by “Omo Ope,” but before the Olamide-involved song, he had string of unpopular tracks that allowed him to develop his skills over time.

While the title of his first song is unknown, closer look at his youtube profile reveals that the song was “Thankful,” solemn, smooth ballad in which he expresses his appreciation to God for his life and perhaps his present circumstances.

Asake’s journey to the where he is now required years of practice, switching between stages, and incorporating what he learned while studying theatrical art at OAU into his performances.

More than that, it required the creation of one song and the right feature for it to become well-known among the general public.

Even though he recorded number of other songs, it wasn’t until 2020 that he launched the cheery tune “Mr Money” that he began to receive widespread notice.

The song’s famed lyrics, “Me I Dey Cap, Me I dey Form, My Energy is High WTF,” helped it become widely renowned on the streets.

Asake retired to the background after releasing “Mr Money,” in contrast to artists Omah Lay, Bella Shmurda, and BNXN (Buju), who were able to rise through the ranks during the pandemic-ravaged 2020.

Many people knew the song, but they were unfamiliar with him or his face. challenge that many aspiring musicians encounter that, if not solved, will make them one-hit wonders.

However, there was still hope since in January 2022, he released “Omo Ope,” his significant breakthrough song with Olamide, and it has been success ever since.

If “Omo Ope” wasn’t playing from radio station’s early morning playlist, it was ringing out from stores on the street or the phones of music fans. The song spread wildfire across all airwaves.

Weeks later, Olamide made the announcement that he was joining the YBNL family, which also served to set him up for the success he is currently experiencing.

Then followed his debut EP, Ololade Asake, which included “Omo Ope” among its four tracks.

When the EP was released, fans immediately learned that “Omo Ope” was only the icing on the cake.

Being the wise man that he was, Asake promptly released a remix that included after releasing a video.

Fans welcomed the cooperation and Burna Boy’s well-known dance movements when a video clip of the remix was posted on social media.

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