Artists Davido has Tried to Raise After their Downfall

    Davido has a reputation for helping the down and out. Whether it’s by adding them to his label or featuring in their songs.

    Here’s a list of artists Davido has tried to help get out the mud, after scandals that took them down:

    Dammy Krane

    4 Artists Davido has Tried to Raise After their Downfall
    Dammy Krane

    Davido signed the artist to DMW in 2016, Dammy Krane.

    In retrospect, this came at the right time for Dammy Krane who got arrested for credit card fraud in June 2017.

    Based on reports at the time, Dammy Krane was arrested in Florida for charges of theft, credit card scam and fraud. Tapjets, an American jet company alleged that the artist used five stolen credit cards to book a private jet.

    He was later cleared of all charges, but the stigma stuck to him like glue.

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    In September 2019, Dammy Krane got accosted by police again, thus time in Nigeria, for charges of defamation and threat to life.

    Although he pleaded not guilty, and was released on bail for the Nigerian case. Nigerians have not forgotten either of his stint with the police.

    His career has taken a nosedive, and continues to submerge into irrelevance, despite Davido‘s help.

    May D

    4 Artists Davido has Tried to Raise After their Downfall
    May D

    Recently signed by Davido, May D is one artist that has struggled to stay on top after he split from Jude Okoye’s record label.

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    He managed to stay afloat with songs like So Many Things but May D is getting much needed aid from Davido right now.

    By joining DMW, May D is sure to get more notice and acclaim through the label, under Davido’s influence.


    4 Artists Davido has Tried to Raise After their Downfall

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    Sinzu is another artist that has been involved with the police, in the most unlikely way.

    Unlike Dammy Krane however, Sinzu spent time in prison for 2 years for aggravated identity theft.

    He was at Ada County Jail, Idaho from 2016 to 2018.

    Davido added him to DMW in 2018, after Sinzu’s release from prison.

    Cynthia Morgan

    4 Artists Davido has Tried to Raise After their Downfall
    Cynthia Morgan

    After she came out to explain her plight to the general public, Davido reached out to Cynthia Morgan, offering to get her out of her forlorn situation.

    Few years ago, Cynthia Morgan was an artist of note. She had a rare talent and was using it well, until she wasn’t.

    We suddenly stopped hearing about her, except for the occasional rumors of substance abuse and debt.

    People couldn’t stop asking where she went to, and what happened to her.

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    Those questions were left unanswered until this year, when she fessed up about her contract with Jude Okoye and all that happened behind the scenes.

    Mp3bullet.ng is unsure if Cynthia Morgan has responded to Davido yet.

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