Are The PSquare Brothers (Rudeboy & Mr. P) Better Off Seperately?


Are The PSquare Brothers (Rudeboy & Mr. P) Better Off Seperately?

Best African duo of all time is the defunct P-Square. No doubt. They must be Sauti Sol’s role model. Of course, they fell out, and broke up and have since gone solo. Paul as and Peter as Mr. P.

Are The PSquare Brothers Better Off Seperately

The identical twin brothers, are known all over Africa and beyond form their numerous hit singles, electrifying on-stage performance and their top-notch Videos. They also have some of the best albums of all time (Get Squared and Game Over). And, they’ve done stuffs with many superstars, T.I, Akon Don Jazzy, Dave Scott and more. They do RnB and Afro-Pop, but their versatility isn’t disputable. And their consistency is as 2Baba’s, over the years. And, of course, they are the richest musicians in Africa – when they’re together. They’re always smiling to the bank, and that’s it.

Majority of people want ’em back. Mr. P and ain’t names people wan’ register in their minds, they want P-Square. BUT, due to their endless disputes, they had to move on.


Does it seem like they’re better off now?

Having dropped three singles each as solo, we know they’re both talented, and that PSquare was collective work.

Mr. P (Peter Okoye) has singles; “Cool It Down,” “For My Head” and “My Way.” While Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) has “Nkenji Keke,” “Fire Fire” and “Somebody Baby.” Let’s not forget just dropped IFAi.

Mr. P exudes strong RnB persona, which is something the duo did, in their early days. You’ll easily think Mr. P wrote songs like “Say Your Love,” “Am I Still The Special Man,” and “Bring It On.”

On the other hand, settles for the pop side. With jams like “Nkenji Keke” and “Fire Fire,” in you’ll also notice his versatility. Trying out other genres without flopping shit totally.

mr. p

Both of them have got massive airplays. Mr. P’s most popular being “Cool It Down” and Rudeboy’s being “Fire Fire.” crisp of both of ’em is what makes up truly.

BUT, do you see Mr. P getting nominated as “Artist Of The Year,” or Rudeboy’s song as “Song Of The Year”? Their last huge effort together, “Bank Alert” has got more spins than all the songs they’ve released solo. And this is because, we can’t recover from P-Square, that easily. It’ll take years, and many years, for us to accept them as solo artists, that they are now.

They may have retired before we accept ’em.

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