AQ’s gets into that OG bag with ‘GOLDEN’ [Review]

simply showed versatility and that OG bag with ‘GOLDEN’

First of all, I will love to congratulate on his journey and artistic versatility so far towards his album title ‘GOLDEN.

AQ’s gets into that OG bag with 'GOLDEN' [Review]
AQ’ gets into that OG bag with ‘GOLDEN’ [Review]

However, On the 7-track GOLDEN, which he perceives to be an album, not an EP, portrays everything he’ always wanted to stand for and projects the tone he’ always wanted to epitomize.

AQ’s gets into that OG bag with 'GOLDEN' [Review]
subjectively and contemporarily ‘GOLDEN’ is also the perfection of topics that has always proposed with his diversified music, albeit with grown consideration.

AQ growth and mastery over the long years spent making music cannot be overlooked, obliging the quest for thirst and hunger for greatness on the hip-hop scene.

AQ’s gets into that OG bag with 'GOLDEN' [Review]
The confidence to put out an album is highly commendable, the direction, choice of features are near perfect.

AQ’s gets into that OG bag with 'GOLDEN' [Review]
AQ’ gets into that OG bag with ‘GOLDEN’ [Review]

Also, since he on Jaypachino’s The Pachino Story, AQ has been talking in the story route, not exactly mumble rapping. That’ probably why most tracks on ‘GOLDEN’ have no actual or little singing ballads.

However, the project that is sonically directed towards self-expression with poetic lessons takeout, the lyrics, melody, and overall delivery appear very intentional.

AQ’ focuses and presence of mind for to stretch himself through the celebrity, to anchor it all on sustainable art, impresses me, the right way to wield fame is to use it as fuel for productivity.


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