Amaka by 2Baba is not a good song, says….

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goes head on again as the year starts on a fresh note, It’s safe to tag the dude attention seeker, and am not sure has his time. blows hot in a new interview on TV Station. But I keep wondering why someone will call “Amaka”, a song that happens to be an hit single a rubbish song.Amaka by 2Baba is a stupid song, says....

Yesterday, Blackface was granted an intervoew on TVC, while the interview was going on, he made some revelations about 2baba. He said “Let Somebody Love you,” a love song 2baba released in 2014 is his property and that he is so upset with him because no credit at all was given to him.

He also said in the interview that there is a Kabbal that is ganging up against him in the industry, he said the Kabbal downplays his accusations of 2baba’s misdeeds to him.

With time we will know who’s is really telling lies. In case you missed, here’s a newly released single by 2baba entitled – Oyi

Watch the snippet from the interview below!

Is amaka a rubbish song? How True? Don’t you feel the sauce on the song?


  1. Black face don't call anybody song rubbish.... 2baba flex on, "Amaka" all the way.... ama kip blasting that jam Reply


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