AliKiba: The King who’s dominating the music industry without scandals

    It has been a norm these days for musicians to get into scandals for publicity but that’s not in the case of Alikiba.

    AliKiba: The King who's dominating the music industry without scandals
    AliKiba: The King who’s dominating the music industry without scandals

    These stunts land them on magazines, tv shows, and in people’s conversations. Mostly you see them having these scandals right before they release a new track since this ensures that he has people’s attention already so it boosts his/her plays.

    Is it true that scandals (kiki) are boosting musicians’ success in the Tanzanian music industry?

    In one way or another, it has helped many artists who weren’t famous to gain fame, but it was short-lived because as soon as the scandal died down or there was a new one, people forget about you.

    This has happened a lot in the film and music industry. You will hear so and so are lovebirds but at the end of the day, it was just a scandal to boost a song they want to release.

    A king who singlehandedly owns Bongo Flava without scandals.

    Contrary to other artists who are making art in these times that are saturated with scandals that are been boosted by social media and all these other digital platforms, the King of Bongo Flava, has been in the industry for so long before social media and to this day he is still strong in the game. All this time the King didn’t have an introduction nor scandal, his voice behind the microphone was enough to secure his place on the throne.

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    It’s very rare to see bad things said about him in newspapers, he is an artist with ethics and discipline, well it’s either that or he has successfully separated his music life from his personal life.

    There are a lot of theories on how he has remained strong in the game without scandals but also maybe because he has been successful in giving us a glimpse of his life that we can see and some that we can’t so we can’t poke much on what we don’t know.

    His songs ‘Usiniseme‘, ‘Nakshi nakshi mrembo‘, ‘Macmuga‘ and ‘Cinderella‘ came out during the time that digital platforms weren’t as famous and technology wasn’t crucial in the music industry as it is today, regardless of what he gave us some of the best works.

    Everyone’s childhood was made merrier because of his creativity and to date we still remember the word to word his songs.

    Do you think he didn’t have many scandals because there were no social media? Well, that can’t be true since even when Facebook and Instagram came into the picture in the music industry he still gave us hits without using scandals to boost his songs.

    He gave us songs like ‘Kadogo‘, ‘Seduce Me‘, ‘Infidele‘, ‘Mvumo wa radi‘ and ‘Mbio‘, all of these songs came out and they did trend without hearing anything about Ali Kiba cheating on someone or having a baby with another celeb.

    Ali Kiba has successfully dominated the music scene without scandals to the extent that at the end of last month he released an album that is leading in sales in the digital platforms, still with no scandal to boost it and it is trending.

    ONLY ONE KING is an album that has singles featuring other big names in the African music scene, artists like Patoranking, Sarkodie, Nyanshiski, and Sauti Sol. The King has dominated the music scene without scandals, something that his rivals can’t live without.

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