Album Review: Remedy – From Thin Air

    From Townson University to Stanford, a bridge that crosses a couple of states, comes two young talents, constantly finding the time to collaborate and put out music that promotes the African sound and brings it to North America, from the underground.

    That’s the tale of Seyi and Joniboi, who together form an afro-fusion group, “Remedy”. Lyricist, vocalist, producer, instrumentalist, visual artist, talent is what they are. And while being underground in America doing afro isn’t something common, Remedy is steadily pushing the sound.

    Album Review: Remedy - From Thin Air
    Remedy – From Thin Air

    As their first studio album, “From Thin Air” has all the dance stuff, solid afrobeat tunes, from the lyrics to the delivery, it exudes the Nigerian vibe. Sometimes in an American way, sometimes it’s just so pure you couldn’t tell the difference. Coming in at eight tracks, it’s a body of work worth checking out, to say the least.

    “Jam” which is the introductory track, has a banging house beat you’ll find on many North or South African jams. It sets the mood for what’s to come next. Remedy wants everyone, no matter where they are or how they are listening, to jam their music.

    Maybe their Nigerian heritage hasn’t been proven yet, “Ma Pepu, Ma Countree” addresses that. “I miss my country, I wish I could go there”, one of the duo sings on the hook. It’s got alkayida vibes and some pidgin, too. You just gotta ask “how much of this is Nigerian enough?”

    Seyi and Joniboi - Remedy
    Seyi and Joniboi – Remedy

    Then the album goes electric on “Oni”, a track with an Afro-EDM vibe and the title is a reference to the Ooni of Ife. Some kind of deep fuji sound, as we pick up quite a couple Yoruba lines on the chorus. Bmoney, the guest laces it with some offshore rap style, and it’s perfect how it all syncopates.

    “Kuu Mi” is about a girl that complains too much, but they want her to cool them and quench their anger. “Hol’ me down, oh don’t give me fever…” For one, the sample of the hook that was chipped in from the beginning will catch your attention, drawing you to listen to the other things. Mid-tempo afro.

    Album Review: Remedy - Thin From Air

    Starting songs with a capella is kind of a popular thing around here. Barry Jhay does it every time, at least. They did it on “Crazy Stupid Love”, a song with a minimalist production and a lot of harmonies. What the song was lacking know instrumental, was settled in the symphony and back-up vocals. It could have been shorter and nothing will spoil, though.

    All the way to “Ronaldo”, a hi-tempo jam. For what it’s worth they sound like Americans on afrobeats. By far, the best vibe on the album. Most organized too. Drake could totally do this track and not have to change a single thing. It talks about not getting played by this particular girl. The Christiano Ronaldo metaphor is an obvious one, anyway.

    “Glory” has a positive vibe, and afrobeat with some strings attached. I mean, you could hear the bounce and the way the flow is smooth. Could easily pass as an afro-dancehall Tekno-esque tune. And the last song “Remedy” is contagious!

    Clocking in at 31 minutes, the album is a great piece, when you consider the facts. How many artists in America even do this? But here are two younglings, representing and doing their best. “From Thin Air” is a jam, a traffic something!

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    Rating: 3.5/5 (Amazing!)

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