“Agege”: Everything that’s wrong with Tekno’s new hit with Zlatan.

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Okay, let’s pause for a second and ask, what the hell is wrong with ’s trending collaboration with popular street hop artist, Ibile? Once you push play on the song, you know something must be wrong. But what is it?

Short answer, . Wanna know the long answer? Be my guest.

“Agege”: Everything that's wrong with Tekno's new hit with ZlatanTekno’s career started off dramatically. Young good-looking singer and dancer signed to and ’s. He came out with some really great hits, including super-hits like “Duro” and “Wash” A few years back, though, he hit the pinnacle with “Pana” Had international labels coming after him, MTN endorsement deal, meeting up with big guys like . With the exception of only a few extra-ordinary cases, it doesn’t get better than this, as an afro-pop artist.

Tekno is very talented. He’s got the voice, the skills, charisma, the charm, the drive. At least, he used to have all of these things. The past couple of months have been rough on him, he’s been in and out of the news for his lingering health issue. But as a fan, I’d suppose the music and the magic doesn’t go away.


Tekno and Zlatan features on Agege

just got himself a big shot, a duet with (Brown Skin Girl)  and has even raised the bar higher with his joint work with ,Blow My Mind.” Also coming at a time when just won a BET and dropped an album featuring some really big stars. Every other artist out there is trying to prove they actually got what it takes to be at the top.

But our favorite boy Tekno wouldn’t need to do that, would he?  He already did, when he showed the world he ain’t the Tekno we used to know, anymore. Funny thing, he had to do it on ’s album, too. After “Don’t Jealous Me, anyone that was listening would know there is a problem. We got to know soon enough.

Agege was supposed to be a street hit. The idea was probably to do something like Burna’s “Killing Dem”, which was a hit on the streets, due to its Zanku nod and also an afro mainstream banger, well, we all know Burna. It might even have been recorded around the same time “Killin Dem” was made because said that line about him ending shaku-shaku. But is “Agege” anything like Burna’s smash?

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Zlatan features on Tekno new single Agege


On paper, yes. One, it has Zlatan Ibile, who is still one of the biggest names on the streets and two, Tekno is also a renowned pop star and serial hit-maker. Another thing is, it’s smashing already and so many people are already checking it out. So, yeah, in some way it did recreate the magic.

Talking about the vibe, though. That’s the one part “Agege” and ultimately, Tekno failed. The instrumental is a classic “Afro x Zanku” mix. Nothing too hard for either of them to handle, you’d think. The chorus comes out as Tek making a fool of himself, saying the word “Agege” in some imbecilic manner, which on the long haul may mean there’s a concept behind the whole thing. But instead of convincing us that there’s a bigger picture, it only made it worse.

Zlatan Ibile rapped a number of bars (Tekno was also rapping, all the while) and although he didn’t disappoint, he also couldn’t right the wrongs.

After a build-up of controversy, the official video also hit us. Tekno splashing money on twerking girls? Some guys dancing, doing some leg work and Zlatan just Zlatan. The video further tells us there is no concept, and you’ll never make sense of what’s going on.

Tekno may be known for saying some nonsensical lyrics, but “Agege” is absolutely below the Tekno Miles we fell in love with. If anything, this makes me want the Zanku wave to just be over.

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