“Abena”: DJ Cuppy finally embraces her DJ-hood with the new hit.

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For Cuppy, being the daughter of a billionaire, Femi Otedola, doesn’t mean anything in this industry will be handed to her on a platter of a gold. Including hits, awards, charts and others. There’s just so much you can’t pay for, around here.

For many years, the female DJ, has been trying to prove herself as worthy of the attention she’s getting and more attention she’s craving for. But it will take more than just her last name and an influencer boyfriend to become or Neptune, or even Consequence. You need to make hits!

“Abena”: DJ Cuppy finally embraces her DJ-hood with the new hit.Although , has kind of become a popular name amongst lovers of music, in Nigeria (maybe beyond?), she’s yet to make a lasting impression on fans who are always eager to see what stuff she got now, and won’t hesitate to nail her on Twitter when she under-delivers. And how do you make a lasting impression? Hits, not one, not two, but a consistent rain down of hits.

But Cuppy probably sees herself as more than a DJ, she wants to sing. She thinks she can, and really she tries to do it, but it just doesn’t work out. She’s often left everyone wondering why she is so rich and whack, and that’s disappointing.

However, in 2017, she started to gain some traction, when she collaborated with on afro hit “Green Light.” She then followed up with Vybe featuring , early last year. Until she threw it all away late 2018, when released “Charged Up”, a song which many think is a mockery of the art, because it’s exceptionally whack. You can’t even imagine the trolls.

It’s not actually like she’s dropped twenty whack songs before or that being whack is part of her brand (like and ), but all the fans’ expectations of her, we’re all dashed. Something like, to whom much is given, much is expected. You don’t have at your disposal, money to hire a top notch producer, songwriters, sound engineers and all you can work out is something whack.

If anyone was going to take Cuppy serious again, she had to do more to change things. The first step to do that, everyone knew, was to make a dope ass fire jam, that people won’t have a choice but to love. How was she going to do that, though? It’s simple, be a DJ, to hell with the singing of a thing.

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So, for the first time, she did what DJ’s would normally do when they are desperate for a hit, feature ‘various artists’ on a song, usually a party starter with a fire hook for people to sing along in clubs, on the streets and at shows.Abena was that hit!

Starboy affiliated whiz kid, rendering his powerful vocals on an Afro beat. Talented former Empire Mates Entertainment act, with his own unique spice. And, Ghanaian rapper (and singer), , with his own vibe. There’s probably no better way to make a hit, right?

But what’s not on the song is as important as what’s on it. What’s not on it? There’s no unnecessary DJ Cuppy vocals, or her trying to prove she’s a good singer. Imagine if she did the hook? Okay, don’t imagine that. She did a few stuff to add some sauce to the song, but that few stuff made it perfect and any thing more than that might have ruined the jam. We’re glad it didn’t.

It appears, Cuppy just needs to embrace her DJ-hood (I made up that word, yeah), to continue to make big things in the industry. If you think being a female artists is hard, why not try being a female DJ? Cuppy does deserve some accolades, though!

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