8 Songs By Nigerian Artists That Address Social Issues

From the days of Fela until now, numerous Nigerian artists have sang songs about societal ills in Nigeria.

8 Songs By Nigerian Artists That Address Social Issues
8 Songs By Nigerian Artists That Address Social Issues

Some of these songs address the issues the country is plagued with now, mostly political.

However, some talk about personal problems. While others face domestic issues.

Here’s 8 songs that address problems in Nigeria:

8) – Yawa


Yawa is the song for the lower class in the society, the ones at the runt of the ladder. Yes, on the surface, its seemingly about ‘s musical journey.

But, listening to the lyrics closely will shed light on the fact that he mentioned police brutality, and a number of problems the poor man experiences in Nigeria.

7) – If You Ask Me


advocates against rape, incest, and domestic violence with this song.

She narrates a story of child abuse and rape in If You Ask Me, depicting her shock concerning such issues.

Then she encourages victims of rape or domestic violence to speak up, “before it’s too late.”

6) – Fire on the Mountain


got huge recognition for songs like Jailer, 360 and Fire on the Mountain

In Fire on the Mountain, Asa highlights almost every social issue; from military brutality, rape, adultery to massacres, and more.

Listening to this song will give you food for thought.

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5) This is Nigeria


Before dropping his Moral Instruction album, with songs like Talk  in it, created a version of Childish Gambino‘s This is America.

deconstructed every problem in his country, expressing his displeasure for the many wrongs that happen in Nigeria.

“This is Nigeria, everybody be criminal,” alludes to the fact that everyone is out for themselves, doing wrong things with no consequences (if they can get away with it).

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4) Mathematics


Jungle Story might be his most current song about Nigeria’s situation but Mathematics expressed the issues perfectly.

In Mathematics, states that the “JagbajantisMathematics Nigerian politicians calculate sets the country up for ruin.

He also speaks about the struggles citizens go through to leave the country.

3) – Surulere


laments about Nigeria’s politics, from the days of military rule to democracy.

He begs everyone to be patient, telling them that all will be well in the end. But, he also criticizes the bad governance.

Nothing has changed in Nigeria since the song was released. Everything is still as bad, perhaps even worst.

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2) – Mr President


Although it’s been years since we last heard from , songs like Crisis, No Condition is Permanent  and Mr President still pass the right message.

Every Nigerian can relate with African China‘s frustration with the country.

In Mr President, he beseeches people in every strata of Nigeria’s democracy to lead citizens well, including: Mr President, senators, and the police.

1) Fela Anikulapo Kuti – Suffering and Smiling


Suffering and Smiling remains relevant, even in present times.

Thinking about what Fela Kuti said in this song will have you crying for Nigeria because everyone is really experiencing the worst kind of Sorrow, Tears and Blood  in this Beasts of No Nation.

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