Rema reveals why he has given up on his admission to UNILAG

  • Rema explains he abandoned his UNILAG admission.

  • “I Moved on From Unilag Because of the ASUU Strike”-Rema

Rema reveals why he has given up on his admission to UNILAG
Rema reveals he has given up on his admission to UNILAG

Divine Ikubor, commonly known as Rema, has disclosed that the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ (ASUU) eight-month strike forced him to decide against accepting a place at UNILAG.

He revealed this in a radio appearance with Kiss FM, where he claimed to have moved on and told his mother of his choice. recalls that in January 2022, Rema revealed via his Twitter account that he gained admission into UNILAG.

The “Holiday” singer claimed that his mother encouraged him to pursue a bachelor’s degree since it was crucial.

He said “I got admission last year but I bailed on it because they were on strike” he continued, “I wanted to really strategise how I was gonna do schooling and touring, part school but the whole strike just made it look awkward, it was a glitch so I just had to move on from it”


When asked he never resumed lessons at the higher education level, Rema stated that he hoped to study part- schooling and music, but the strike derailed his intentions.

He stated that he was going to pass on the admission because “ is crazy, is fast”.

“So are you gonna pass on it”, queried the host.

“I’m going to pass on it”, retorted Rema. “Because right now, is crazy, is fast. So, Yeah! Right now, I’m full music, I told my mom.

When asked about his mother’s reaction to his choice, Rema said that while she was not happy about it now, she would soon adjust to it and he added that he chose to on music.

“My mom is fine with it. She travels with me too. She was in London with me but it was quite cold so she had to run back home”, he added.


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