Alisson slams Liverpool for ‘lack of attitude’ in Real Madrid loss

Alisson slams Liverpool for'lack of attitude' in Real Madrid loss
Alisson slams for ‘lack of attitude’ in loss

Alisson Becker slammed for their “lack of attitude” following their UEFA Champions League loss to in the second leg.

The Reds had a mountain to climb after dropping the first leg 5-2 at Anfield, and they didn’t even come close, falling to the Spanish team 1-0 on Wednesday night due to a Karim Benzema goal.

Alisson, the goalie, did stand out in the second leg. The best of the goalkeeper’ stellar saves came when he diverted Eduardo Camavinga’ long-range attempt over the crossbar.

Speaking to TNT Sports after the game, Alisson said he was proud of his efforts at the Bernabeu and rather disappointed with his teammates’.


“I’m wearing the shirt, I’m going to play against at the Santiago Bernabeu. The least I have to do is give my best. So that’ my thought, I believe I did my best, I leave here with a clear head. And now speaking as a team, we have much more to do. And this season of ups and downs, every moment had its reason.

“We had injuries, I think we don’t like to talk about it in football. We’re not going to use it as an excuse, but the injuries certainly hurt us. Now we only have one player left out, so that’ no longer an excuse. It’ been like this for over a month now.

“We had a fantastic, incredible game against United. Soon after, an inexplicable game against Bournemouth. And against Real Madrid, it’ not that we played badly, but we didn’t play enough to tie the game. There was a lack of attitude, a lot was lacking on our part.”


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