Don Jazzy reveals what it takes to get signed to Mavin Records

  • Reveals What The Mavin Artist Must Have.

  • opens up on what it takes to get signed to Mavin Records.

Don Jazzy reveals what it takes to get signed to Mavin Records
reveals what it takes to get signed to Mavin Records

has specified the criteria an artist must have or show before he can get signed to Mavin Records.

This information was disclosed by in podcast interview when he was asked what requirements artists must meet in order to sign with his label, Mavin.

who is the driving force behind exceptionally gifted performers like Rema, Ayra Starr, and Crayon, said that preparation, talent, and luck are all important factors.

He stated that talent is the first quality he looks for in an artist and moreover discussed the necessity for up-and-coming artists to promote themselves.


Giving ambitious emerging artists hint, he stated that when he enters their social media pages, he wants them to have at least five posts of them singing.

“Talent, luck, Preparations, be at the right place at the right time. I feel like Preparation is very important..and showcasing yourself, Its very important one. You must look for way to make somebody find you. You must be showcasing yourself.

like those people you said are on TikTok, Instagram and co that are singing, at least you remembered them now. It’ not are just going to sit down inside your house and be saying you can sing and be singing in your shower. If you go to places out there, how will you see it, how will I see it? I pretty much like people that showcase themselves, so if I come to that your page, at least I should be able to see five to ten pieces of you unno displaying different kinds of talent.

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