specifics of the controversy between Costa Titch and Cassper Nyovest

  • Details about Nyovest and Costa Titch’ beef

specifics of the controversy between Costa Titch and Cassper Nyovest
specifics of the controversy between Costa Titch and Nyovest


Once upon a time, through their theatrical performances, Cassper Nyovest and Costa Titch formed an incredible bond.

Unfortunately, a short-lived dispute between them soured their relationship and due to Costa’ involvement as a dancer for Nyovest, the two rappers had a long-standing relationship.

Yet when Constantino transitioned from being a dancer to a singer, their relationship ended.

Many people are unaware of the circumstances behind their connection, but it is obvious that they were not close friends or on speaking terms.


After transitioning to the genre in 2021, Nyovest was all about saving SA Hip Hop, but Titch implicitly poked fun at him in a tweet that stated, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you abandoned the ship, remain there and let us gently fix what you damaged”.

In reaction, Cass made fun of Costa by posting a video of him playing an song.

“This broer said he is saving SA Hip Hop Mos. I find him performing a new Piano Song in Cape Town here. Hahaha , le tla bolaiwa ke tlala Boyz!!! Just shut up and make music!!! Skatlao phapa!!! Hahaha ke shule!!!”

In his response, Costa Titch clarified the situation while expressing his admiration for the Tito Mboweni songwriter.

Others advised Costa to avoid inheriting beef because they knew he was close with Cass’ beef partner, AKA.

As Nyovest pardoned Titch, the beef ended up being short-lived.

“1 thing I’m not, is a bully & I can see you’re backtracking so ill forgive you and let it go. I just wanted to make you feel it shake a bit. O ntwana Costa , you’re a laatie. Go make music and have fun, don’t talk smack for no unless you’re gonna see it through. Sharp!”

The two musicians put an end to the conversation and turned to work on their own professions.

The death of Costa Titch brought up the rivalry, but Nyovest responded the same way he did following the passing of AKA by expressing sympathy and empathy.

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