“Man City signed him for one reason” – Erling Haaland

  • Erling Haaland admits Manchester City signed him for one reason.

Erling Haaland confesses Man City signed him for one reason.
“Man City signed him for one reason” – Erling Haaland

Erling Haaland has discussed why Manchester City put up such fight to sign him last summer.

After much uncertainty about his future, the Norwegian striker decided to leave Borussia Dortmund and join the Premier League winners at the end of the 2021/22 season.

During his first season at the Etihad Stadium, Haaland has excelled tremendously. He was questioned by CBS Sports if he felt under pressure to lead Man City to their first-ever European title after scoring five goals in the team’s 7-0 victory over RB Leipzig in the Champions League’s round of 16.

“It’s difficult question because I can easily make headlines with this answer!” Haaland replied.

“But of course, the club wants to win the Champions League. They want to still win trophies. They won the Premier League four times out of the last five years. So they didn’t bring me to win the Premier League, they know how to win the Premier League.

“So you can read between the lines but I’ here to try to help the club develop even more, to try to win the Champions League for the first time.”


Regarding the sensation of becoming the first player since Lionel to score five goals in Champions League knockout game, Haaland said: The feeling is amazing. First of all to win 7-0, and then to give a ‘statement’ in this tournament, in the Champions League, which is tournament I love. To give kind of statement that we can actually score seven goals because it’s not easy to score seven goals. So it’s an amazing feeling, yeah.

“In the first half I could have scored more, I had one-on-one with the goalkeeper. It’s true! I had the goalkeeper with the pass from Nath [Ake], I had the rebound from Gundo [Ilkay Gundogan], I thought he was going to play the ball and that’s I went bit more, and if I dropped down two metres I would have scored because he shot at the keeper.

“So I could have had two more goals in the first half. And there were also crosses from Kevin [De Bruyne] I could have been at. So there was possibilities, but if I stayed on the pitch, no one knows what will happen.

“But in my mind, I think I always have to look for the next one and try to always reach more to stay hungry because maybe if someone scored five goals they would be happy. You have to be happy but you have to want more, of course.

“I knew I was going to score goals, because how many did City score last season? Maybe 100? So to be striker in this team, when I saw them last season without striker, I was thinking when they were crossing the ball in, ‘oh I’d to be there’!” Haaland added.

“So I kind of knew I would score lot of goals. In the end, there’s so much potential in this team. I think we can still improve lot, in the game and how we play. It’s an easy thing to say but I could have scored more goals. I missed a lot of chances, but the most important thing is to come to chances because if you come to chances that’s what you want as a striker.”

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