Inspired by love for his continent, Borngreat Nations releases, ‘Africa Is The Great’ | Listen

Igbo-born singer and songwriter, Borngreat Nation unveils new single, Is The Great’.

Borngreat Nations releases,'Africa Is The Great'
releases, ‘ Is The Great’

Declaring one’s undying love for one his nation and continent at large is one patriotic act, has shown in his new dispensation, ‘ Is The Great’.

The local sound glides through impactful drums, stirring string sections and motivational backing vocals, the song’s lyrics remind the people of to stick together.

Speaking about his tune, he said “I’ve been to places, where I’ve seen many people, to countries where I’ve seen many cultures but when I come back to Africa, I feel like I’m in a paradise with people united in diversity, working with faith believing it’s gonna through, I love Africa”.

Borngreat has a vision that he hopes is exhibited on this track “ that African people, both on the continent and in the diaspora, have a common history, and a common destiny. Achieving our will become possible when we love ourselves and stay united”.

Influenced by one of the Gospel’s best, Don Moen, Borngreat Nation creates his mix of motivational and Gospel songs for listeners to enjoy.

An insight into his music foundation revealed he commenced his career at a tender age, having composed a to ‘ridicule’ an Elder in his Church who was always disciplining him any he misbehaved during Church service.

He continued in line with his talent and so far, he has released a studio album, several inspirational singles – knowing deeply his star is set for a global fame.

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