DJ Howzin returns with ‘Sokwenzanjena kwa-max remix’ | Listen

The hot new Amapiano track “Sokwenzanjena kwa-max remix” by South African Howzin marks his triumphant return.

DJ Howzin returns with'Sokwenzanjena kwa-max remix' Listen
Howzin returns with ‘Sokwenzanjena kwa-max remix’ Listen

South African disk jockey, Howzin has made his fiery return with ‘Sokwenzanjena kwa-max remix’ and there’s no telling what’s for him.

Already hitting charts, the song contains all the essential components of a Kwaito smash, including seductive House synths, addicting African-inspired beats, and voices.

Undoubtedly, the track’s replay value is at an all-time high thanks to a and intense fusion, which was adapted from the popular original cut that appeared on South African drama series “ 14” and received a local award for “Upcoming Artist Song of the Year.”

Self-taught Howzin, got his start in music in 2006 and began winning battles soon after, taking home wins from the likes of East Coast and MTN, Cell C and McDonald’s Top Jock. Not 6 years later, he started creating the beginnings of his Hip Hop/ House/ Old School Kwaito sound under the name Howzin. Whilst he was still studying at Ukzn Howard College, he was recruited by notable promoter DaGuru and landed gigs in some of the biggest clubs in South Africa.

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